going off

I have basically decided to go off "the pill" . I have been on that thing on.off. since i was in 8th grade and that was 10 years ago? so I really think if I ever want to have a kid, I need to get off of that thing! i'm not saying I want to immeadiatly get pregnant, but if it were to happen I would be VERY happy. and if it takes a while thats cool too. plus i'm having a whole sleu of problems with the pill anyways ...bitchy, not in the mood etc. the only thing that sucks about going off of it is i'm bleeding like a stuck pig all the time...which is actually subsiding! YAY /does dance i wouldnt have ever went back on the pill to begin with if I wouldnt have gotten sick as hell and nearly bled to death (well not really bled to death of course but you get what i'm saying) anyways.. i have baby fever. i buy pregnancy books all the time. I have pregnancy for dummies for crying out loud ok well i'm out for the night I believe nichole … [Read more...]

I stepped into a parallel universe

I went to my dr. offfice to sign those papers and it was like wtf. seriously.i mean i called them yesterday they were cooperative, understood what was going on...and today they just sit there and look at me like i fell from some foreign planet. see my dr has a really bad rep for not keeping staff. which I didn't really believe because the whole time i went to her last year it was the same people. then when i went in april I was like who the heck are these people. I dont even think these are the same people from april. these people were omg stupid. I miss the old people really bad they were friendly helpful and nice.i mean at one point i was calling there /being there at least once a week. i had to wait 3 minutes for the girl to give me a pen to sign my name! my site sure has had a lot of hits today, and i'm getitng comments so i'm happy :) keep it up. I have two more little purses to take pics of ...that will be tommorow probably... cuz i'll probably have my old boring married ass … [Read more...]

lazy as usual

dude I never get anything done other than sleeping the  day away!!! I went back to bed this morning, because shadow actually decided to lay down and be good. then I slept till 10 a.m! I have so much to do, i'm used to already having my school work already basically done, from where I took the one class before that used the same book and I had everything saved... but apparently we didn't ever do the last unit so i'm rushing around trying to get it done, and it is honestly already on my nerves! I also like I have mentioned before need to do a final yardsale run through the house...and clean up the house...and and.. lol I really need an energy drink or something caffinated. if i would just take my vitamin B12 and green tea like i'm supposed to , or allergy pil I would be fine! I would drink coffee but it is so hot. at least it is cloudy today Medicaid isnt cooperating again. well actually this is what is happening. I didnt know that the only way that I could get Breast & Cervical … [Read more...]

odd I am

david is at the batman movie by himself lol I just didnt feel like going, I felt I could accomplish some things at home. I have typed 7 of the 10 doccuments (+ there are 6 that are tables, that i havent done yet) for my text entry class. II havent formatted them but at least they are typed. I am so glad this is the last unit. I have done shitty on like 3 of the units and honestly dont know why this woman is so nit picky well the reason i quit typing my work is cuz it is still so hot up here, so i'm gonna go downstairs for a while .... latter gators ng … [Read more...]


Many thanks to AMY & NAT MARIE for linking me @ their sites. i'm so happy :)   i still feel cruddy. now i feel bad becuz I haven't been able to do nothing around the house today other than clean shadows box, and make the bed! not that i had a lot to do but still I have 16 documents to get done for text entry (argh) and then I need to do a final yardsale run through the house, because i'll be having it next week ( not even lookin forward to that trip, already) well i am off to take a shower. hopefully i don't get too hot or throw up or whatever lol. more soon … [Read more...]

ay sickness

dude I am not shaking this hangover ...maybe its hangover and something else? i laid down from 8-now and slept a few different times but damn not going away! Amy got a real site. and now I need to change her link, and add nats. ha ha lets see if i do that by the end of the day. I put those pics of sammantha and shadow on flickr, andI put the flickr thing on my site. so if you want to comment that would be cool :) i'm gonna run & drink like a gallon of tea, and try to get awake and better so i can maybe put some subpages on my site or at least get something done today latter gators ng … [Read more...]