i am still alive..dont know bout you all though lol ive been spending alot of time at amy's forum : http://justcallmemama.com/forums you should go join! I will write more latter its hot as hell up here, and david got overheated at work today so i'm takin care of him more latter nichole … [Read more...]


go go go

and join amy's forum  in other news i slept for about 2 hours, and i still aint feelin worth crap. but I am up. I need to wash dishes and cook davids dinner, but he will be going by my parents to pick up my car (and put the gas in it from the other one) so he will be late i am not having the yardsale this weekend. i'm to sick, dont want to travel, and its gonna either be hot or raining by then my mom and i are going to have a yardsale in my yard, and then have one at her house in a few weeks so thats gonna be cool. i have one million disney movies for sell lol i have two purses to put on etsy. a cat one, and the flipflop one. more latter... nichole … [Read more...]

so that didn’t work

I went to my parents yesterday to switch out the cars. i cleaned my old white car, i got a new tag & switched insurance. my dad and david put the seal back on the converter thing so i could get my sticker today david and i get back into town and stop to get some gas. we had to fill it up of course cuz it didnt have very much after sitting this long. we put 40 bucks in it. we pull out onto the road and it started sputering and it quit! it quit twice and we got back out on the main road, and it totally dies in the grass. we got it in to the parking lot at the video store and my parents had to come all the way up here and see what was going on. they take it all the way back to their house, we took my dads car to ours. the white car ran PERfect...until they stopped at dollar general to get some gas treatment. then it started running ragged as shit, just like it had done with us. they barely got it home. my dad changes all the spark plugs and wiring...and it now will not strike a … [Read more...]

clean clean clean

I am up early as crap (since 6) and have been cleaning since 6:30. I have cleaned& mopped the computer room aka shadows room, the bathroom the stairs, and have mopped the kitchen...and its only 8 lol. just want to get everything up here done before it gets hot (supposed to be 95+) I have washed two loads of clothes and am on the third :) I cleaned the living room & washed dishes before I went to bed so yay there as well David & I are switching back to my old white car, because we are litterally gonna have to sale something big if we dont...its a freakin gas guzzler I swear something is wrong! we are spending a freakin fortune on gas. we had my white car when gas was just a little lower, and it never took much to get it full. actually probably it will cost us HAlf or less of what we are paying now. I have to get all that done tommorow. sucks though I have to get a sticker on it as well cuz it expired in feb lol I am supposed to be leaving to go to have the yardsale on … [Read more...]

ah sundays

I swear I hate sundays. I never get anything done. Yesterday I went to my parents house, and my mom felt sorry for me and got me and david a ton of food at walmart, and from her own house. we might make it two weeks now lol i was gone longer than usual because david stayed at is parents for freakin ever. it was 8:30 before we got back here.... I either have allergies to something right now *honeysuckle?* or i'm getting a cold. I got up at 9:30 this morning and went back to bed at 12...and slept until 2:30. david is asleep on the couch, and shadow is alsleep in the chair in the kitchen thanks for the comments. i will be sure to link people and all that, but it will prob be tommorow. it is hot as heck in the computer room, so i'm about to vacate more latter. just letting everyone know i'm alive nichole Ps: i am a message board whore. vogue, lavish, static,and of course flourish lol. i gotta calm down. … [Read more...]

like banging your head

into a brick wall, was like what my & davids convo was like last night. apparently all the money is HIS money. funny cuz i think its my damn car that gets his ass to work every freakin day! i'm letting that go for now. my mom has decided to have the yardsale next weekend, which I was all for it was my idea..but she wants to leave thursday evening, which I had no problem with (we are having it in va w.my grandma) well instead of driving by here and picking me up she has this idea in her head i'm gonna go down to her house and lollygag around all day instead. I dont think so. then she tells me she "doesnt even have to fool with having one" thats fine. just bring all my freakin shit back and i'll have one my damn self! letting that go for now to today makes davids 2 month @ his job day so thats cool. i think he will have many more. as long as he keeps up what hes been doing i'm trying to find some ACTIVE message boards to join, so if anyone knows of any good ones let me know. I … [Read more...]