in the morning..

nichole is tired lol. anyways i finally got that horrid work finished. but now its a new unit with new problems i'm sure. well i mean its tables, so oh joys i know there will be problems. I my mom is coming over today. i have to go to the grocery store..which i totally am not in the mood ot do. blah. least we will have some munchies at home. i think my stats are broke. i have comments but according to stats no hits since saturday lol. ok more latter. i'm in class right now. ng … [Read more...]

e i e i ooohhhhh

howdy mi amigos i think my stats aren't working or noone is visiting that could be the way of it as well my software that I do part of my hw in for school went psycho yesterday and threw me totally off. actually i think my 8GB brandnew flash drive went wacky. none the less i lost all 14 of my exercises. I redid them rushed to print them, and I couldnt print the entire thing I needed. my teacher said until i can clear up my problem she will accept what I did get to print. I have to go through my actual documents later today and get those fixed up ...everything is due tommorow my birthday is one week from today. usually I am bouncing off walls. but this year i turn 25 and i'm not really happy. i am in fact very depressed. as far as my school work I have 12 of those, and ithink i only have to fix 4 of them.the ones that have tables. so hopefully that will go well. i actually did get up early 9:30 :) i haven't got much done but I am feeling a little better about … [Read more...]

good grief day one of plan get my ass in gear failed I woke up at 10. went back to nap at 2:30 i mean what is it 4 1/2 hours of doing nothing is that hard on me? ugh I am one of those people who doesnt hardly ever sleep past 8. 9 at the latest. I've always been bad to nap, but I have always balanced everything out ..except the last month or so so anyways i did type the remaining 5 of my documents it seems that that is all i have been doing for the last two weeks. they were pretty long, and now i've got to get them all edited and formated before thursday. oh how joyus! the layout does make me want to update more lol. anyways i'll write more latter ng … [Read more...]

new layout

the kitten reminded me of shadow so. :) I AM SO SORRY that I have slacked off as much as I have. i know i keep saying that but I just keep on sinking into a hole of being behind in everything...and i MUST make a change. I have got to stop getting so far behind on everything. starting this week i am managing my time better. I am gonna get around and comment, start blogging, get pics up, get my spring cleaning done..and my hw. the biggest problem i have is SLEEP. i don't get up before 11 a.m. then by the time i get anything going...david comes home and then its time for bed before i know it. i have gotten in a rut that needs a change anyways I hope to seriously see everyone around ... its time for a change bebes lol.. join exquisite and put pollypocket as your referer more latter nichole … [Read more...]

mini moon pt 2

ok so we basically stayed in the hot tub the majority of the time. we did ride the two water tube rides. the one called the storm chaser was pretty ...wild lol. I fell off a water tube ride one time and so i'm scared of those things anyways. we then tried to come up with some food. we were gonna eat this tasty looking buffet they had at the hotel. however it was a little bit too pricy, so we ended up going to ruby tuesdays. i had never ate there before but it was good; I had the petite sirloin. i wish i would have ordered double brocoli instead of the potatoes it came with. they just didnt look tasty. and i know i'm weird but the brocoli was awesome lol i got a wasn't that great...but it wasnt the worst i ever had. anyways we were in search of some good wine, but sevierville tn is a dry place. apparently the grocery stores can't sale anything over 5 percent. so i had to get some strawberry bicardi things. sunday morning i went to the computer lab they had at our hotel … [Read more...]

the mini-moon review!! part 1

Saturday morning we got up around 7:30. david met his mom down at the walmart near my moms, around 8:15 to drop off duke. he was supposed to go by moms and pick up their small dvd player but didnt. anyways while he was gone I printed up directions, got shadow food and water put out around the house. nearly cut my finger off with my razor (don't ask, don't know how i managed to do it. but it hurt and bled for an eternity!) when he got back, we said bye to shadow and got going down the road. we called to ask about duke, who was very confused and freaking out. stopped at the gas station to get gas and went on our way I didnt take any pics on the way, because i wasn't thinking lol. anyways we got into tennesee, and off our exit right. but thats where mapquest gave me a road name that didnt exist and got us about 10 minutes off track. (and it turns out we could have stayed on the main road and ran right into our the hotel we stayed at had a hotel where the rooms were right at … [Read more...]