//rant and moving..stress!

I really really hate when someone tells you they are going to help you out, and then they either don't come through or come through at the very last possible moment. let me explain. I help people out with homework all the time. I understand stuff comes up and you can't get stuff done, or you don't understand or whatever. if i've already taken a class and you haven't i'll even give you all my old work and notes to help you out. last semester i did this a little more than what I usually do. I ended up giving one set of notes and things to a girl and the girl went psycho cunt and I never saw them again.. I also helped out another girl, and the other day I was having trouble in the class I am taking now. she sent me a message on myspace saying she still had all her work from this class and she'd send me the stuff and hook me up, just let her know. so I email her back/call her and she finally called me back. in the meantime I did what I could of the work..just so I don't get behind in … [Read more...]