the miracle computer

my computer (desktop) crashed in october right after I got duke...because someones brother crashed it (davids) if you didn't already know we rush off to best buy and buy the laptop. late late that night i finally brought the desktop back to a similance of in I didnt have the black screen of death. other than that I haven't really fooled with it. all it did was have fans running overtime and make loud noise. with school and everything I really havent fooled with trying to fixing it. everytime i did try to fool with it, it just was like OMG slow.. I almost didnt even hook it up after we moved. well yesterday I just sat down and started playing cards on it. and it was acting like the day i brought it home from walmart. then..I brought the internet up on it and it was running FASTER than the laptop. so for some reason i have a miracle healing itsself computer :) the internet had became slower than ITCH on this computer so we reinstalled it, and now its going MUCH better ok … [Read more...]


ugh i am up at 9 a.m on a sunday. please help. lol. david and my dad finally got the engine in the truck, but to my knowledge they didnt complete the wiring up process. everyone around here is in a foul mood today. i just dont feel like being up with the i drank a wine cooler and went to bed and i was up at 2 a.m with a headache and throwing up.... i'll probably go out on the porch and chill with the kitty. hes the only one who does NOT get on my nerves david thinks hes the mf shit...when in reality he's just a big ass baby.other than sneaking his brother over when my parents were gone, this is the only time i have been ill at him since we moved in here. hes got one of those holier than thou attitudes going on and i am NOT in the mood. if he's so much better and knows as much as he claims that he knows maybe he should be doing something else than what he does. /more later me … [Read more...]

pink and white

poor david has been gone since 6 a.m to put the engine in his truck with my dad. that was what 10 hours ago? sheesh.. guess things aren't going well :( to be so hateful my dad sure has a lot of people coming over and asking him to do stuff and calling and such. ha ha right now i am watching the nanny and just chiling. i changed the theme today. much more ME than the other :) I want to start 365 over. i swear i am so ambitious! gotta get through my stuff because i'm having my yardsale next saturday. ok ciao for now nichole … [Read more...]


and for once it doesnt have anything to do with david. its my dad. my dad is bad to get in these little moods where you cant tell him anything, he knows it all and what not. well hes been in one for a while now. to top it all off they changed the way they do vacation at his work, so he had to take an entire week off before may 23 or he would have lost his paid vacation. he is driving me dingbats. as soon as i get money i'm going to the ABC store to stock my room back up with alcohol! he wont let me sleep. he's rude. he turns everything into politics (seriously if u had eggs for breakfest i think he could make that political) everytime i make me something to eat or get a snack out he snatches it up and eats it! anyways i'm fed up. plus he keeps harping about me to get a job. i saw this coming a mile away. but I didnt think it would be before my degree was even printed! i have NO plans of getting a outside job right now. when they get the aldis grocery store built up the road i might … [Read more...]

trucks and shops

omg. i haven't updated this time and its not twitters fault. this time its that game farm town lol. eh. it will be ok. gotta have something to do now that i'm a college graduate. ha ha davids grandpa finally gave him that 1970 ford 100 truck. the only thing that was actually wrong with it turned out to be a set of spark plugs that costed 12 bucks to replace! he also had to put a mufler on that he got at the pull a part place (with some other things like some shocks i think) he's going today to get some tags and all that for it. saturday i found a 17.4 inch view sonic monitor for 5 bucks at the thrift shop. turns out they took the cord off of it..(power) and we went back over there today and they had the cord in two sections for 1.21 a piece. i plugged them together and we got the cord for the 1.21 instead of 2.42 and the thing works. ha ha. but i dont know why they seperated the cords like that. seriously gonna start doing a picture post on the things i get at the thrift shop … [Read more...]

springtime greetings


greetings from shadow! ha ha. that cat is all about the ass. seriously I can't ever get a picture of his face anymore. i am addicted to that game farm town on facebook. not nearly enough people I know on there playing so ..if you want to play and be my buddy let me know! longer post later. i have to try to get my hair straightened it is driving me crazy. and i am going to clean out my rss feed so i can catch back up with everyone ! ciao ng … [Read more...]