verizon. root of all evil

I have SO been wanting to update. and this time I can't even blame it on my own laziness. we can just blame it on verizon let me progress out what has been going on with me since friday 1. we took back the macbook. i didn't have to pay the restock fee because i told them about the whole cd getting stuck. and the fact I had took it to another store to return, and got told that they didn't take them back there because they didn't sell them. which was a lie, they looked it up. they even had one in stock! 2. I bought an HP Pavilion Dv6. It is much … [Read more...]

Burtons for back to school shopping/ Online Shopping

I don't have kids of course, but I always get excited when its back to school time. I guess because this will be the first semester that I don't go back to school. or maybe its because i'm a dork. i love planners and pens and all that! shopping online is something that I have done alot of, but not so much for back to school. I mean I have bought various books online....but never really any supplies or clothes.I really enjoy shopping online myself. you can find good deals on almost anything that you want to buy, and theres the old saying "you can shop in your underwear" lol. not that i've done that before. but if your sick or something of the sorts and do not want to go out of your house for some reason, you can have the stores come to you. At the Burton website at you can find many items that you can purchase online, and especially items for you go to school. I know that they consider themselves as a snowboarding company, but on a closer look of their items, there are … [Read more...]

whats up sunshine

lets see...whats new whats new went to my grandmas and had the yardsale. did ok, could have done better had I known it was relay for life up there. maybe my cousin will buy some of my clothes for her kids again, and maybe i'll have another one at the end of this month up there too. honestly had the most peaceful trip. raided ambers (cousin who lives with my grandparents) perfume/beauty stuff because my grandma buys her a ton at yardsales, and ended up with some hillary duff perfume in a huge bottle, among several other things. also my grandma gave me this huge strawbery shortcake pillow doll thing, a pillow and blanket that matched it. I joined the lights message board right before I left and I am really enjoying it. yesterday david and I went and bought a macbook. i will take pics latter. we decided to do it basically because with my student ID i got a free 8gb ipod touch. also it was tax free weekend. i orignally went to get this HP laptop they had with a wii as a bonus (it had … [Read more...]


I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get my things together for the weekend. I hate and detest packing. I always get paranoid and think i'll forget something or whatever..i get all panic... until i get way down the road. anyways I wanted to blog before i left and get around to comment! i also need to shave. get my hair straightened...make a few signs for the prices of my items and be sure to pay my insurance. other than that there are just a few things I need to remember to back. I fell in the bathroom and did a complete split yesterday, because my mom had just mopped and the floor was extremely i am in pain especially on the right inside part of my thighs (*lma0 that sounds like tmi) i wont be able to shave/get my hair taken care of till after dinner...but that shouldnt take too long. right now i'm off to comment and make my price signs. not sure if i will make it back on b4 i leave as far as in case i dont CIAO see ya saturday! ng … [Read more...]

no title :?

I keep meaning to update more, but this is me we are talking about lol I am up earlier than usual because I was having just horrible stomach pain. it sucks. i would have slept like another hour otherwise i finally sold my laptop. to brittney on thats nice. it will pay the laptop fully off our best buy card, and I should be able to get another one sometime another. not really in a rush. want to investigate and get what I want this time I will be around to comment today as well :) seriously the whole BFH sittuation is what messes me up, especially mondays and tuesdays. i have to kinda roam and linger through the house so my mom doesnt take the money. I plan to layout some today. and perhaps get my hair done. i am in curly troll mode right now and it sucks. as soon as i straighten it there will be rain forever. thats what usually happens. supposed to be going to va this weekend to my grandmas to have a yardsale. hopefully i will make some money. i'm really out of money on … [Read more...]