later the same day

now that i'm pretty much moved in, and i've pretty much told everyone, that i might work on some of my stay tuned i'll let you know what i update when i get that far along I got some chritmas cards today. got my first online card from rebekah from ecstasy!! can't wait to get the rest. and when you get mine drop me a line!! right now i'm pretty bored. and i have the munchies. i thought david was on his way home and i thought when i told him i had the munchies he'd maybe stop and pick up something. but he should have done been here either way, so i guess not. i made it by most everyones site to say that i moved and comment and such. i already know i messed up charlli's link but i'll fix it!! ok i am out for now xxnichole … [Read more...]

hey! making my first post here at glam-girl. thanks so much for nicole for hosting me!!! our board has also moved so please check out she's hosting that as well :) so yes much love and thanks to nicole!! i'll make a better post in a few. just wanted to get squared away! … [Read more...]

morning beauty

hey everyone not much going on with me. getting ready to take my mom to the foot dr. i have to go to the bank and the post office to get out more holiday cards... nicole, damita,fee,charlli mae and rebekah is your lucky day. the only ones i'll have left are jenn, jennfur and whoever else does it on exquisite that i haven't sent one to yet! i've already sent dez,rochelle,hillary,alanna,kecia,caity and whitney! gonna revamp the site a little bit to reflect exquisite! and add some more content and such..hopefully I hate to even say that because something always happens and I don't get around to it!! i know i've really been whoring my board but can u blame me?? ;) i'm taking it down a notch but still. please don't abandon me because of it! right now you can buy shadow in the exquisite shop. my furry wonder. so here are some pics from this morning & i'll be around to comment everyone sometime today … [Read more...]