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I love how when i go to blogs and they have their name all fancy at the bottom of their posts now i'm not sure if i've done what they did, but i've created my own version! voila!! longer post latter :) and now i've changed it because the green wasn't bright enough. plus this matches the theme better … [Read more...]

csn stores review!

A few weeks back I got the opportunity to write a review for csn stores! you might remember me posting that the review would be upcoming! Anyways, My item wasn't scheduled to be here till this week, but they upgraded my shipping and it came the day before I left to go to my grandma's! After wondering around the site (actually, sites, because they are a network of over 200!) for a considerable amount of time, I decided to type in "Appalachian State" which is where I went to college. You know the good old days? lol There were several items that popped up, and I was really happy to find an appalachian state fan mat! I quickly decided that is what I wanted, and anxiously awaited it's arrival! When it arrived with it's upgraded shipping, via fedex I greeted the fedex guy at the door! I just love when companys provide you with tracking information! It came packaged in a "bag" of sorts. I tore into it and was happy at what was staring back at me. I like that this rug is … [Read more...]

why am i so weak?

I am SO weak this week! seriously do not know what is up! I have been doing so well lately!! Yesterday & Today I barely get up and i'm back in the bed napping. yesterday I took two naps! I really hope  this goes away soon! I have a house to clean and things and things to organize and such! I have 4 product reviews to write and 3 on the way! lol they are really great products and they will basically write themselves, i just have to get them done :) You know i'm seriously wondering with being so weak, and the way that sammy has been acting if i'm sick again or maybe even pregnant! because he is obssessed with my tummy and cuddling on me. i made it around to most everyones blog & commented yesterday! now if  can drag my lazy ass to lights & serenity and post i'll be doing good. that and blogfrog and.. .lol i swear i keep myself busy for sure. well this was a little random post  but i felt like i should check in!! … [Read more...]

event filled weekend

here i am!! lol everything has been a bit hecic the last week, especially this weekend. I think friday night after like 10 or so I basically went m.i.a to the online world. except for a few tweets saturday & yesterday! last week I mostly spent my days going through the majority of the things in the house looking for things for my yardsale. nothing all that interesting really to speak of! Saturday I had my yardsale at my mom's.  I actually go there around 7, which is a miracle i usually run really behind. the first thing i had to do was send my dad out to fix the signs they had put out the day before. they were all droopy because of the humidity or whatever. to be a yardsale that was only advertised on craigslist the night before and only had signs out... i did pretty damn good! david sold his radio for 30 (he wanted 40 but he changed his mind) there were a few things mom had in that she wanted the money for, so she made 15. I made a little over a hundred! also, I had got … [Read more...]

psst win a 32 inch tv from sony!

an awesome girl that i'm working on with a product review, asked me if i could pass this along to my readers. FREE Sony 32” LCD HDTV. The sweepstakes ends at 11:59:59 PM (EDT) on August 15, 2010. Participants only need to enter their first and last name, email address & their city. No purchase is necessary to enter or win the sweepstakes. … [Read more...]

lots of stuff & a fun weekend

I am back, and things have improved! we sold the psp go for 85 bucks on craigslist. we had went over to davids dads and added the little big planet on it, but sadly when this woman signed in via her account she lost that game. I feel bad and everything that it happened but i'm sorry I'm not going to refund the money just because you lost a 20 buck game!  we lost 35 bucks. roll with the punches. lol i do sound bitchy! I had fun at my grandma's! we left thursday morning ...we had to stop and get a money order, pay our rent which was totally out of the way. thankfully someone was at the power place to take my payment Over the Phone at 11 p.m wed. night!  I don't think they normally do, but I was like please please! We then stopped by moms to drop off my key, and my mom says she needs to show me something. i'm like dude ok but hurry i gotta go, and i thought she was gonna show me something on the computer, and she goes to show me a HUGE bruise on her hip/thigh! she FELL wed. evening … [Read more...]