Eden Fantasys 25 GC Winner!

when all entries were tallied we had 377! and the winner is #75 Lucid Obsession!! Congrats! I will send your information to Jenn, so that she can either send me the code to give to you, or send you the code directly :) I will let you know when I hear back from her, unless you hear from her first lol :) Congrats!!! And everyone stay tuned, because I will def. be doing a contest again in the near future! thanks to eden fantasys for sponsoring this contest … [Read more...]

no, I won’t be social

So David is at work ,and I'm stuck here with davids dad! UGH! I heard him go outside so I made a mad dash to get the computer. Now he needs to go back so I can get me some food.Seriously, I am not a Babysitter, and this is just freaking akward. Very. I have never felt so out of place as I have felt the last few days (since saturday) It sucks. I feel like an outsider in my own house. I have cleaned the bathroom (and for serious if someone gets ahead of me taking a shower I will FLIP ) also, people need to learn to put the freaking seat down! That is my #1 pet peeve. OF ALL TIME. I am also attempting to revive moms computer. (the 10 year old HP ) Since mine short circuited (desktop) I thought we'd try to use hers. I tried to put XP in it and it went botched soo.. now I am having to restore it. I need to take a shower and wash my hair here in a few. it needs redone, because tomorrow is the christmas party for david/dads work. what sucks is david has to take his dad to meet … [Read more...]

My GrandKitty Big Boy!

Most of you all know that my cat Shadow,who I had for 2 1/2 years dissapeared Feb 01 of this year durring a snow storm. I am pretty positive that he was catnapped by someone who just thought he was precious and sweet and thought they were doing him a favor. However, all they did for me was break my heart. I miss him more and more and more. I mean I love Sam, don't get me wrong, but it isn't the same! A month or so ago, My mom sent me a picture of a cat on first glance that I thought was shadow. I swear I already had my shoes on and my purse grabbed shouting at david we had to get down there! Then David saw the picture and told me it wasn't shadow. Why? because this cat has white paws/legs :( This cat comes to moms about 2(sometimes 3 times) a day and mom plays with him and feeds him. We are all 99% positive that he is shadow's baby! Same looks,same personallity,etc. I have only been over there 2x while he was there and mom took a pic of us yesterday Mom Calls Him Big … [Read more...]

ah.it is friday

I love my sammy boo even though he is evil in a furr meow coat! I took that yesterday while he was laying in the window napping. I know he has to LOVE these windows at this apartment vs the old one because these are big enough for him to lay in when they aren't even open :) I have been adding links/deleting links adding affiliate banners/emailing people/working on my & nickys project/starting a new weekend contest/adding contest entries for the ef gc/ phew. thats alot for lil ole me in one day. I'm sure I did some other things but can't remember right off. Right now I'm waiting on UPS (as always) for some items I bought from eden with my gc's yesterday and had them shipped overnight. According to ups they only have electronic billing info! ahh ups how you toy with me! I am thinking about sticking a Please Leave Packages note on the door and joining my napping husband. gah it is so weird to have him home on fridays. and get this..he is also off monday! next week they will … [Read more...]

CSN STORES $20 GC Giveaway!

This is going to be the simplest contest you ever see me throw! Mostly because i'm going to be running two at one time ! :)(and honestly counting loads of entries gets a little..bah humbug sometimes lol) You have seen me post a few times about the awesomeness that is CSN Stores before! They are a network of over 200 online stores with about anything that you could possibly want to buy. Large, Small and in between it is all right there! I like to browse the hello kitty items, the applachian state items, and other random things. I have spent a lot of time just browsing around on their site doing virtual window shopping before :) Thanks to the lovely people at CSN STORES I have the opportunity to give away a $20 gift card to one of my lovely winners :) IMPORTANT INFO: Open To USA & CANADA This contest will run from Friday Dec 10 2010 until Sunday Dec 12 2010 at 9 p.m. EST (I wanted to get this in before Christmas) All Entries Count 1 Entry Each. Please leave a separate … [Read more...]