30 Day Writing Challenge with @TheBeSociety Day 27- Favorite Body Part #besociety #Bejunechallenge


Well.. I don’t think I have a favorite lol. I will say I am happy that now that I have gotten older I have gotten some Boobage! When I was younger (like before I got with David) I didn’t have any to speak of and it sucked to be that little!  However now I have the thighs , the stomach and the butt to go with that! This just brings me to that realization I need to do a little better with getting myself into shape more than anything! …and round is not a shape that I am interested in lol.  David is supposed to be getting me a wii fit u soon, and I am hoping I can use it and maybe do some walking around the apartment place(it’s pretty darn hot though :() /use some of the fitness equipment in the club house (though it seems it is always closed…they have been remodeling here for a while so.. ugh lol) I have done well with giving up soda if I could just give up the beer and wine a little better than I have (which I have done REALLY well with btw).

I guess though to pick an answer to the question, I have always thought I have pretty eyes. They are blue and I have been told they are pretty a million times 🙂