30 Day Writing Challenge with @TheBeSociety Day 27- Favorite Body Part #besociety #Bejunechallenge


Well.. I don't think I have a favorite lol. I will say I am happy that now that I have gotten older I have gotten some Boobage! When I was younger (like before I got with David) I didn't have any to speak of and it sucked to be that little!  However now I have the thighs , the stomach and the butt to go with that! This just brings me to that realization I need to do a little better with getting myself into shape more than anything! ...and round is not a shape that I am interested in lol.  David is supposed to be getting me a wii fit u soon, and I am hoping I can use it and maybe do some walking around the apartment place(it's pretty darn hot though :() /use some of the fitness equipment in the club house (though it seems it is always closed...they have been remodeling here for a while so.. ugh lol) I have done well with giving up soda if I could just give up the beer and wine a little better than I have (which I have done REALLY well with btw). I guess though to pick an answer to … [Read more...]

June Writing Challenge with @TheBESociety Day 26-the world is wrong– #besociety #BeJuneChallenge


  Well.. I am not one that ever has a popular opinion, especially when it comes to most of the people that I am friends with online! I However have learned to just keep my mouth shut and just agree to disagree for the most part, because that is not the reason I am friends with these people-- we have other things that are in common, so why should I try to convince them they are wrong and all that kind of thing! I say this because I am a very conservative republican and most of my friends are liberal as can be democrats! It is fine and dandy, I actually side with the democrats on certain things, but for the most part.. I don't lol. I try to just embrace what everyone thinks because , if we were all the same and believed the same things it would be a pretty boring world! I also like to believe that Opposites attract too :) So ...I guess there are tons of popular issues I would be on the opposite side of my friends , but I am fine with it :) … [Read more...]

June Writing Challenge with @Thebesociety Day 25- History & Dinner #besociety #bejunechallenge


If I could have dinner with anyone in history, it would be someone in my family history! I know, you all know what a homebody and family gal that I am by now!  I can't help it, it is just the way I am, and I am sure there isn't a darn thing wrong with it. I would love to go back in time and have one of the big get together meals with my great grandma's cooking! I miss her fried "flitter" bread and fried potatoes ( NOT fries ya'll ...lol) and her banquet chicken she used to make .. her meatloaf.. EVERY SINGLE THING she made! I would love to get to spend more time with her and learn her secrets and at least get to have one more extra special delicous meal and to get to include David in as well. .By the time he came along my granny pretty much couldn't do a lot of cooking anymore because she was getting to where she was forgetting things and would leave the stove on and almost started a couple of fires. July 6th makes 4 years since she died and maybe that is why I am extra sentimental … [Read more...]

Writing Challenge with @TheBeSociety Day 23- Favorite Holiday #TheBeSociety #JuneBEChallenge


My favorite holiday has pretty much always been Thanksgiving... Mostly because as a child my parents didn't do Christmas or Halloween or any of those sorts of holidays so Thanksgiving was really the only holiday that I had (I mean 4th of July and some select others, but as far as BIG holiday that was the only one).  I think it also ties in with how I love the fall too.. I can remember my mom getting me out of school early so we could go to virginia and help prepare everything in advance and all that good stuff. My dad usually came later because he would be taking time off and hunting during that time of year. I liked being with family and all that good stuff. I quit eating turkey when I was in high school though lol..so I usually get something different like a stuffed chicken breast or buffalo bites or something :) and I love Pumpkin pie :) … [Read more...]

June Writing Challenge Day 22- The Future @TheBeSociety #besociety #thebesociety


These are the types of prompts when I do Blog Challenges & Writing prompts that I always tend to skip over, and where I have gotten behind and am now trying to catch up I feel bad enough because I am already slacking off on what I am writing lol. However, this kind of prompt just isn't my cup of tea. I don't really do long term goals.. I am kind of a live day to day type of gal... so I am taking this one as a freebie ... sorry! … [Read more...]