Writing Challenge with @TheBeSociety Day 23- Favorite Holiday #TheBeSociety #JuneBEChallenge


My favorite holiday has pretty much always been Thanksgiving… Mostly because as a child my parents didn’t do Christmas or Halloween or any of those sorts of holidays so Thanksgiving was really the only holiday that I had (I mean 4th of July and some select others, but as far as BIG holiday that was the only one).  I think it also ties in with how I love the fall too.. I can remember my mom getting me out of school early so we could go to virginia and help prepare everything in advance and all that good stuff. My dad usually came later because he would be taking time off and hunting during that time of year. I liked being with family and all that good stuff. I quit eating turkey when I was in high school though lol..so I usually get something different like a stuffed chicken breast or buffalo bites or something 🙂 and I love Pumpkin pie 🙂