June Writing Challenge with @TheBeSociety Day 21- Relationship with Parents #besociety #beJunechallenge


My relationship with my parents is really good. David and I actually lived with them for several months at one point about a year after we got married because his job was so unsteady at the time. I don't know if it is because I am an only child or just the way we are because we are from the deep hills of virginia but we are exceptionally close ..especially my mom and I.  I only live about 5 minutes away from them, and she is at my house a lot or I am over there /going somewhere and doing something with her. I also talk to her several times a day on the phone. In my whole life I can only name ONE day we didn't talk to eachother and that was because she was at my grandmas and we kept playing phone tag the entire day and that was last year and it was the oddest thing ever to me lol. My mom and dad do a lot to help David and me out including watching Marley for us when we want to go somewhere but don't want to put her in her kennel thing (which I absolutely hate doing!) I don't know … [Read more...]

June 30 Day Blog Challenge with @TheBESociety Day 20- Childhood Memories #BeSociety #TheBeSociety


1. Summertime in the deep hills of Virginia with My Grandma & Great Grandma. This is the most priceless gift I ever have had the pleasure of having. I spent every summer from the time I was in Kindergarten thru highschool with them and it was awesome!  There was no internet and limited t.v options but .. it was just the best ever!  too many awesome memories to describe and I guess because it is summeritme right now I am really missing those times more than usual! 2. When I almost cut my finger off. This is a memory flash, and I don't really remember it very well because I was like 2 or 3 when it happened. I was "helping" my mom with an electric butter churn and my finger got caught. She says she had my finger and had it wrapped before blood ever even hit the floor. I had 3 stitches and I was really lucky I didn't loose my finger. 3. Huricane Hugo. I was in Kindergarten and we were studying the letter H (do ya'll remember the little letter people?) I remember because we were … [Read more...]

June 2014 @TheBESociety Writing Challenge- Day 18 What your spouse loves about you #BeSociety #BEJuneChallenge


Oh I just know David loves EVERYTHING about me! LOL I am just kidding of course! I don't think that anyone is perfect or  loves every single little thing about someone, even though they might say that they do. I probably annoy him more than anything! I would say he probably likes that I am caring, supportive and helpful in my own way. I do the things like keeping up with the laundry and cooking the meals and all that kind of thing ... I help out with the bills and extras when needed and when I can (boy has the paid blogging been down for a bit to long! I spent through most of my money to help us move to this new apartment though----see I helped!) I also am a great listener and help him work through things as well. I think he just basically loves me for me most of all :) I am pretty easy to get along with for the most part :) … [Read more...]

BE Society June Challenge: Day 16- Accomplishments #beSociety #BEJuneChallenge @thebesociety


  This prompt has literally made me a little bit sad :( I can't really think of anything that I have in my life that I would think that anyone would really consider an accomplishment!  I mean I guess you could say making it to 30, Getting Married and at least getting my medical office degree, but that is still only 3!  If I think of anymore I will write them here and update this post!  What a depressing little post! I am sure there are tiny things that I have accomplished and big ones too though, My mind is just not it that kind of place today lol. I feel bad that with my first post back after being ahead I couldn't have better luck. I guess the long post I wrote for Fathers Day this morning and added some pics to will tide you all over though :) If you want to join in with writing challenge you can still do that by checking out this post: BE SOCIETY 30 Day Challenge June 2014 Later Gators! … [Read more...]

@TheBESociety June Blog Challenge Day # 15 How/When you knew your spouse was the one #TheBESociety #BEJuneChallenge


BE Society 30 Day Challenge: Linky.Prompts.Info Aww what a cute post with david and my anniversary coming up on Tuesday! So when David and I first met I was still technically with my ex-boyfriend tim. Well.. you go figure how technical it was when I hadn't saw him since before I left boone in like June of 2006 and we didn't talk till september (oh we were on a break) and then I still hadn't saw him and it was January. It just wasn't working out. I was still friends with Mark (ugh) and Jason and I were actually at this "talking" point and I was trying to get enough money to get back to boone for the fall semester.(Really we need to do a vintage category of my old posts and stuff on here sometime ..the things you all don't know lol) Insert that salvation army job that changed my life!  David started working there on Wed after I did and we just kept thinking that we knew each other from somewhere(I used to work at kohls over that way and it is where he lived so it is entirely … [Read more...]