@TheBESociety Writing Challenge Day # 14- Strengths & Weaknesses #TheBESociety #BEJuneChallenge


Get to Typin' You can still join in..or at least comment and read some other posts! BE 30 Day Challenge Linky Prompts & Info   Strengths: 1. I can pretty much make it through anything and have.. A few things on my own that no one ever knew about... 2. I am level headed 3. I work well on my own 4.I like the simple things in life 5. I am family oriented   Weaknesses 1. I care too much what others think about me 2. I over think things 3. I am too emotional 4.You can't tell but I am a little bit shy... 5. I am a pushover … [Read more...]

@TheBESociety 30 Day Blog Challenge Day # 13 #TheBESociety #BEJuneChallenge


How Fast can you write? because if you get really inspired you could still catch up and play along with us! Check it out here Join in the BE Challenge I honestly considered taking a freebie day again on this one lol.  give me a little credit I am pre writing these in advance and I have wrote almost 15 in 4 days so.. :) I think that one of the hardest things of growing up is that you are now MORE responsible for your own actions. If you mess up too bad it will fall back on you and your parents won't be able to get you out of trouble.  I know that I have had to get my mom to help me with getting certain situations that I couldn't get out of on my own (anyone remember when David and I had talked about moving 2 years ago to the apartment place where is dad lives?  I am lucky my mom helped me get out of that one in more ways than one!) Then there was the big trouble where there was not a way in the world she could help me. I always say when your mom can't help you out of a situation it … [Read more...]

@TheBESociety 30 Day Blog Challenge June 2013 Day 12- Typical Day #ThebeSociety #BeJuneChallenge


Check out the Info for the Challenge HERE A typical day in the life of little ole me you ask? I bet you all already pretty much know the answer to this one since I am always writing about my days :)I will try to break it down a little bit better for you though! 5:30 A/M---- David's alarm clock goes off so he can get up and get ready for work...so I am now good and awake! I generally lay in bed and grumble about should i get up or stay up.. talk about what we want to have for dinner.. general chit chat about what I plan to do for the day. Rambles about whatever I might have got in email over night and what not. 6:30 David is gone, and I have generally been getting up sometime around this time since we moved. Too bright and pretty and inspiring to sleep! 7-10:30 I usually spend watching t.v and trying to get woke up. Piddling online is a must and I seem to get the majority of my to do list done during this span of time I generally call my mom sometime around 11 a.m to see … [Read more...]

@TheBESociety 30 Day Blog Challenge June 2014 Day # 11 -Pet Peeves #TheBeSociety #BeJuneChallenge


  Oh This will make you all think I am easily annoyed for sure lol. 1. When People tell me to smile in pics. I have touched on this before.. but I honestly don't see why it is such a big freaking deal just to be natural! 2. People calling Marley a Chiuaua ....I don't know why but it really grinds my gears. Maybe because she isn't one? lol 3. When People Spell my Nichole with out the H. Especially when they have known me a while or I purposely make the H in a captial (nicHole) 4.People who say I don't work, because I don't work outside of the house/that I am lazy. ... I do plenty in domestic world and online world (reviewing and paid work helps us out!) 5.  This is related to # 4 People who say I "Mooch Off of David" Or that I am We decided long ago I do my thing because it works better for us.. There have been many times I have been the one to pay a bill or 2 to help make ends meet 6. People who think that I get stuff for "Free" because I review it. I wrote … [Read more...]

@TheBESociety 30 Day Blog Challenge Day 10- Embarrassing Moments #BEJuneChallenge #TheBEsociety


Want to Play Along? You can...Just get to writing :) Check out this post for more info: Be 30 Days Challenge June 2014 My absolute most embarrassing moment is when I got into my drama 2 years ago, and believe me I won't get detailed on that .. so I will try to share some more light hearted type embarrassing moments to share with you! 2 of my favorites from high school involve this REALLY hot teacher that we had, MR A.  The first one was one day in class we were watching a movie and we were allowed to lay in the floor and get comfy and what night and I was laying with my friend thomas and we were eating those safety-pop suckers with the loops that go on your fingers.. Anyways somehow another I managed to pull the sucker out of my mouth with that thing, sling it totally across the room and it hit him square in the head.  He never knew who it was that did it lol. The second one involving him was when one of my friends Dared me to scream in the hallway about how hot and sexy he … [Read more...]