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Aww what a cute post with david and my anniversary coming up on Tuesday!

So when David and I first met I was still technically with my ex-boyfriend tim. Well.. you go figure how technical it was when I hadn’t saw him since before I left boone in like June of 2006 and we didn’t talk till september (oh we were on a break) and then I still hadn’t saw him and it was January. It just wasn’t working out. I was still friends with Mark (ugh) and Jason and I were actually at this “talking” point and I was trying to get enough money to get back to boone for the fall semester.(Really we need to do a vintage category of my old posts and stuff on here sometime ..the things you all don’t know lol)

Insert that salvation army job that changed my life!  David started working there on Wed after I did and we just kept thinking that we knew each other from somewhere(I used to work at kohls over that way and it is where he lived so it is entirely possible. I liked that he wanted to talk to me and that there was someone to work with that was my age.

I think I pretty much knew from the get go honestly because he wasn’t like the other guys that I had in my life. He asked me out the first night we went out and I got really scared because it felt right believe it or not lol. He met mom with in like 2 days and started hanging out at my house after work and when we were off. I would talk about wedding dresses and that I already had one and it didn’t scare him lol.

I will probably do a more detailed post similar to this on our anniversary tuesday.. 7 years! So Stay tuned!