BE Society June Challenge: Day 16- Accomplishments #beSociety #BEJuneChallenge @thebesociety



This prompt has literally made me a little bit sad 🙁 I can’t really think of anything that I have in my life that I would think that anyone would really consider an accomplishment!  I mean I guess you could say making it to 30, Getting Married and at least getting my medical office degree, but that is still only 3!  If I think of anymore I will write them here and update this post!  What a depressing little post! I am sure there are tiny things that I have accomplished and big ones too though, My mind is just not it that kind of place today lol.

I feel bad that with my first post back after being ahead I couldn’t have better luck. I guess the long post I wrote for Fathers Day this morning and added some pics to will tide you all over though 🙂

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Later Gators!