June 30 Day Blog Challenge with @TheBESociety Day 20- Childhood Memories #BeSociety #TheBeSociety


1. Summertime in the deep hills of Virginia with My Grandma & Great Grandma. This is the most priceless gift I ever have had the pleasure of having. I spent every summer from the time I was in Kindergarten thru highschool with them and it was awesome!  There was no internet and limited t.v options but .. it was just the best ever!  too many awesome memories to describe and I guess because it is summeritme right now I am really missing those times more than usual!

2. When I almost cut my finger off. This is a memory flash, and I don’t really remember it very well because I was like 2 or 3 when it happened. I was “helping” my mom with an electric butter churn and my finger got caught. She says she had my finger and had it wrapped before blood ever even hit the floor. I had 3 stitches and I was really lucky I didn’t loose my finger.

3. Huricane Hugo. I was in Kindergarten and we were studying the letter H (do ya’ll remember the little letter people?) I remember because we were talking about Mr H and his Horrible Hurts or something like that. I remember making the connections with the H’s involved.

I don’t really do good with childhood memories for some reason. I generally remember things no one else doe and in great detail but that has been since I got older. My dad always jokes and says it is because I read so many books and took lots of naps when I was a child lol (see nothing has really changed!!)