June 2014 @TheBESociety Writing Challenge- Day 18 What your spouse loves about you #BeSociety #BEJuneChallenge


Oh I just know David loves EVERYTHING about me! LOL I am just kidding of course! I don’t think that anyone is perfect or  loves every single little thing about someone, even though they might say that they do. I probably annoy him more than anything! I would say he probably likes that I am caring, supportive and helpful in my own way. I do the things like keeping up with the laundry and cooking the meals and all that kind of thing … I help out with the bills and extras when needed and when I can (boy has the paid blogging been down for a bit to long! I spent through most of my money to help us move to this new apartment though—-see I helped!) I also am a great listener and help him work through things as well. I think he just basically loves me for me most of all 🙂

I am pretty easy to get along with for the most part 🙂