June Writing Challenge with @TheBESociety Day 26-the world is wrong– #besociety #BeJuneChallenge



Well.. I am not one that ever has a popular opinion, especially when it comes to most of the people that I am friends with online! I However have learned to just keep my mouth shut and just agree to disagree for the most part, because that is not the reason I am friends with these people– we have other things that are in common, so why should I try to convince them they are wrong and all that kind of thing! I say this because I am a very conservative republican and most of my friends are liberal as can be democrats! It is fine and dandy, I actually side with the democrats on certain things, but for the most part.. I don’t lol. I try to just embrace what everyone thinks because , if we were all the same and believed the same things it would be a pretty boring world! I also like to believe that Opposites attract too 🙂 So …I guess there are tons of popular issues I would be on the opposite side of my friends , but I am fine with it 🙂


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    You’re the cutest Republican ever! LOL I love your attitude. It’s true there are a lot of things we DO have in common even if politics is not one of them. It’s better to agree to disagree. I feel very strongly about certain issues – mostly human rights issues and I’ve had arguments with friends I really care about over it.