I found a place.. here is hoping…

Hey there everyone! Today I was pretty excited about an apartment very close to david's work and literally RIGHT BESIDE of my parents subdivision. However, it is looking like it is going to be a small fortune in deposits and such to move in and I already know unless my mom can co-sign or let us borrow money OR unless by some miracle david's credit turns out decent then there is really not much hope. Sure I have a small amount tucked away in the "trouble" fund (which as far as we know I won't have to use!) and could be mostly replaced when my current rent deposit & utility deposit get refunded(I would be a bit short depending on the last months power bill, they take it out of the deposit!) Also we will be getting tax money, and If I can tell my rent lady that we would be out really soon (like by the 15th) she probably wouldn't charge me this months rent. Also I would be willing to donate whatever is currently in my paypal as well. I guess I shouldn't give up ALL hope but I am not … [Read more...]

I have the “moving bug” again

Hi There Everyone! Well this weekend was just....I don't know the correct words for it lol. Of course Friday was all whacked out because David had to work...I hate when that happens! Then for some reason I was BEYOND zonked when David got home :( I mean my eyes were totally burning out of my head by 6 p/m. We went to bed semi early especially for a Friday night but I was fine with that. We haven't been doing our go to bed early and watch tv thing the last little bit, which kind of sucks because It is so cuddly and relaxing! Saturday we ended up taking Marley to get a Bath at this place right up the road from us, right where David's dad lives. I liked that it was close but they weren't near as friendly and talkative as petco is! Late Saturday evening We found out that Brad and David's brother were coming over to his dad's so we went over there for a few hours... Yesterday we were supposed to do this "Super Bowl Party" at David's dads ...We bought a TON of snacks, … [Read more...]