Throwback Thursday


  Here is the link to the throwback thursday linky that I posted earlier!be sure to join in and link up your post! Can you tell I have always had a love of fall? :)   … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday Linky(First here at AR!)

My Lovely Miss Fiona, who I have known and adored for MANY years has also not only started the Tuesday 10 linky, but a throwback Thursday linky! I told her that I would love to share the linky on here, and on the BE Society and Particpate as well! I will most likely post the linky and the actual post seperate as per my usual way of doing things :) (Gives me time to dig for a picture too!) … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed: Painted Toes Edition April 15 2014

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Here is my WW this week! My mom and I took a little time to paint my toes pink (of course! ) when we got through pricing and putting out the yardsale stuff last Friday! I don't know the last time I Had painted toe nails! Featured is my "bad" foot that I broke last Feb! Check out my previous post for information linking up your post with BE Society! … [Read more...]

Tuesday 10 & Linky


The lovely miss Fee from Kinky Cherries has started a Tuesday Ten linky and I wanted to join in and show my support! You can check out her post Kinky Cherries Tuesday 10 # 3 as well! Also, feel free to join in and link up your post as well! This weeks theme is "10 Favorite Movies" which is a hard one for me, because like you all know I am an odd ball and I really don't like Movies all that much lol. Let's see how many I can manage to come up with though! 1. Gone With The Wind 2. Scarlett 3.Tangled 4.Beauty and The Beast 5.Gremlins 6.Sweet Home Alabama 7. See..I barely broke the half way point lol. least I tried! … [Read more...]

Yardsale- Finished and other Rambles

Hey Everyone! My Yard sale on Saturday did pretty well. Yard sales around here do not make as much money for me as when I have yarsales back where my grandma lives but.. money is money! I am hoping to have one up at my grandmas sometime another soon. I think my mom is wanting to clean out a ton of stuff that random people have stored in our house there! She pretty much told everyone her house is not a storage building and if it was things that they wanted to keep, to have it out before whenever or she was having a big sale lol. I guess we will see how it goes! David and I got a new tv streaming service over he weekend called Play On and it is pretty awesome so far! My mom had it for a while and we finally got around to checking it out. I love being able to actually watch pretty much anything I can think of and it is only 8 bucks a month or you can buy a yearly or lifetime license. WOOT WOOT! This weekend I think we are going to have a cook out with Davids dad and brother ? I … [Read more...]