#BeSociety #30DaysofMe Day 18 — Things you want to say to 5 different people.

Well, let’s see ..some of these might come off as mean. However, I have a few situations in my life where I have let them build up so long, I need to let them out

Unnamed Person #1: You will get what is coming to you, for sure. Your true colors are starting to show, and I haven’t done anything but sit back and watch you set yourself on fire!  I am really over you. It took a little while. ..but i’m there!

Unnamed Person #2 One of these days I am going to tell you exactly what I think of how you treated me all those years ago. You hurt me to the core of my soul. Everyone else knows it. The time is coming to where I think you should know too!

Well… I am having a hard time coming up with anyone else! These are just the first ones that popped into my head! If I can think of others I will do an update to this post, but this pretty much clears it up!