#besociety #30daysofme Day 29- Hopes Plans & Dreams for the next year!

I am not the type of person that makes plans or anything like that! I just take everything that comes as it happens for the most part. The only thing I really hope is that my DRAMA gets done and over with within the next year (actually to be truthful I hope the last I have to deal with it is Oct 29, and that is it EVER EVER! I don't want to take it into another year!) Other than that I can't really think of anything. I just hope I stay happy and healthy and all of that good stuff! … [Read more...]

#besociety #30daysofme Day 28- What do you regret the most

Well. Hmm. This would open up so many cans of worms almost any direction or thing that I want to write about would! I will try to keep it on a light level and just say that I do not spend enough time with my grandparents like I did when I was younger! It really bugs me a lot recently! I just have such horrible travel anxiety that it makes it almost impossible to go visit, and they can't really come see me so..UGH! I don't even half of the time do good with talking on the phone to my grandma. I am really not a phone person except every now and then (this from the gal who used to have 2 cell phones back in the day!) Well now I feel totally horrible and guilty and I guess I am going to have to call later on this weekend! Thanks Post! … [Read more...]

#30Daysofme #besociety Day 27 — what are your views on love? do you think it’s real? do you think we only experience one love per lifetime?

My views on love are pretty straight forward. I believe that there are different types and degrees/levels of love if that makes sense! I know that the way that I love David is totally different that the love that I have felt before, and that doesn't mean anything bad, that is just the way that it is. It really isn't something that I can put in to words or really get into details about without coming off all wrong! I guess I don't believe that you only can love one person, or that you only fall in love once. It has different factors and depths! Sorry, I am being all SHORT with these posts but I need to catch up and sometimes I can't even put things into words! :) … [Read more...]

#besociety #30daysofme Day 26 — Who/what can’t you live without? Explain.

Who I can't live without? David My Parents My Grandparents My BE Minions What can I not live without? -Internet/Social Media Hmm. You would think I could come up with more under the WHAT section. And while I am half joking, I kind of am not! I am totally addicted and cannot ever be without the phone or some connection to it! I swear I wish I could sometimes just turn it off and walk away but I can't! The only time I truly ever go with out is if we go to my grandmas and that is because I do not pick up any kind of service and my grandma doesn't have the internet! Later Minions … [Read more...]

#30daysofme #besociety Day 24 Your Earliest Memory

Now Generally I can remembers stuff in eleaborate detail down to weather and other tiny tiny facts that most people cannot but this has mostly been since I was older. I do not remember a lot from my childhood and I really don't know why! My dad always jokes and says it is because I slept most of the time and when I was awake all I did was read , so maybe that is it Most people do actually joke and say that I can remember stuff from the womb, and I am always like well you know that isnt exactly true! Some times I will get a random flash of something from back in the day, but for the most part it is a big blur. My earliest memory though, it is just a blur really, is from when I almost cut my finger off when I was about 2 years old. I was helping my mom hold the dasher on an electric butter churn and got my finger caught in the motor I guess it was. She said she grabbed my hand and had my finger wrapped up tight before a drop of blood hit the floor! I can semi remember, and … [Read more...]