#BeSociety #30DaysOfMe Day 22- your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

I am the 2 fish, what is it called? Pisces I think it is..and I dont really identify with it at all! It is all about being artistic and creative and I am NEITHER. As I keep telling you all The only thing I can do is make a mess! I also read one time that depending on when you were due, and when you were actually born and what not you may find that you identify with the sign that is more close to your due date and sometimes even the one previous. I was due March 17 and Was born on Feb 25 which is right after aries and right before aquarius and I have found I can identify with more traits from each of those! … [Read more...]

#besociety #30DaysOfMe Day 21 Favorite Movie

Ugh. These prompts are totally kicking this boring girls butt! I am not a big movie person. The last time I was at the movies was pretty much by force and it was Snow White & the huntsman and that is only because David guilted me into seeing it lol. As far as going to the movies, I totally hate going and think it is a waste of a lot of money, esp, when you can buy the DVD or rent it for cheaper when it comes out. A few movies that I do actually like include Its a wonderful life Gone With The Wind Tangled Beauty and the beast Yup That is pretty much all that comes to mind. I am REALLY picky with music books and tv as well! … [Read more...]

#BeSociety #30daysofme Day 20 — A hobby of yours.

Me have a hobby??? surely you are kidding right? ha ha. The only thing I really do in life is be online, to work on this site and BE-Society. ...and that is pretty much it! I don't know if it is a hobby or if it is work, or both! I know they say if you love your job you won't ever work a day in your llfe! So I guess it falls under that :) Boring Short Answer, I know! But it's really all I have! … [Read more...]

#besociety #30daysofme Day 19 – A Talent of yours

I generally didn't think of myself as a talented person! I usually (especially lately) have been telling people the only thing that I am good at doing is making a mess! Mostly because my mom is like the most creative person on gods green earth! I guess the one awesome thing that I have always had going for me is the ability to read a book in a really short amount of time! I mean, when I was in college people would spend weeks reading a book and i'd read it the night before/ or the chapters on the bus on the way to school! I guess that I had a tiny bit of advantage with everything always being really fresh in my head. The downside was as a child buying a book and finishing it within a few hours. I couldn't ever make them last, and when you are a little kid buying books, and you don't have a lot of money, you kind of wish that they would have lasted just a little bit longer. I think I might feel like this more now that the books I am reading cost about 3 times what they did as a … [Read more...]

#BeSociety #30DaysofMe Day 18 — Things you want to say to 5 different people.

Well, let's see ..some of these might come off as mean. However, I have a few situations in my life where I have let them build up so long, I need to let them out Unnamed Person #1: You will get what is coming to you, for sure. Your true colors are starting to show, and I haven't done anything but sit back and watch you set yourself on fire!  I am really over you. It took a little while. ..but i'm there! Unnamed Person #2 One of these days I am going to tell you exactly what I think of how you treated me all those years ago. You hurt me to the core of my soul. Everyone else knows it. The time is coming to where I think you should know too! Well... I am having a hard time coming up with anyone else! These are just the first ones that popped into my head! If I can think of others I will do an update to this post, but this pretty much clears it up!   … [Read more...]