#BeSociety #30DaysofMe Day 17 -10 things about you people don’t really expect.

Oh brother you talk about opening up the proverbial can of worms! I have a feeling that for the most part my life is a total batch of surprises. Let's see if I can pull 10 out of my hat for you. Some of these really hit hard if you have known me for longer periods of time :) 1. I have been arrested. No I won't talk about it. Yes, I was stupid. 2. I once dated a married guy who had a kid! For over a year 3. I tend to either be more chatty or more quiet than you expect when I first meet someone. I can't explain it. 4. I totally DO NOT like talking on the phone. AT ALL. I usually only talk to my mom /david/grandma 5. If it weren't for my parents David & I wouldn't have a lot of the things that we have. Sure, David's check pays our bills, but sometimes we have to have extras! 6. I don't think David's Family accepts me very well. I am not close with any of them, and I don't think I ever will be 7. I was very unpopular all throughout school, then when I got to college things got … [Read more...]

#BeSociety #30DaysOfMe Day 16- A song that makes you cry

I can tell why i got behind on the blogging challenge, even though it was over the weekend...It's because I once again can't think of what to write about! Ugh! :( There are songs that at different times in my life have made me cry, but they have seemed to change with time and situations and things like that. I don't think I have one that has remained constant for very long! I am a very emotional person, don't get me wrong. I can cry at a drop of a hat and I get my feelings hurt really easily but It is all in the moment and there are lots of factors involved! I think the last song that made me cry in recent times was the song "Angel Band" and it is an old religousy song that my great grandma liked and wanted played at her funeral, and we didn't play it (If it would have been up to me, we would have, I am not sure why we didn't) Next time I cry while listening to a song I will write about it, I promise! :) … [Read more...]

#besociety #30daysofmeDay 15- Something that never fails to make you feel better.

*sniff* first of all I jut say that I can't believe we are half way through the blog challenge! As far as things that usually make me feel better: Music. I love to sing along to music and it seems to always cheer me up unless I have a headache Talking. To my online friends , my husband  and my mom  or Jason usually seems to work too! Bubble Bath Play Dress up! Sleep. Which I try not to do because it can lead to being depressed and that isn't any fun!   Well this was short and sweet but you get the point! :) … [Read more...]

#BESociety #30dayofme Day 14 — Things that make you scared.

Well, Lately My dreams would def. take the cake! I mean yeah I have had the occasional bad dream in my time..but lately they are totally whacked up and I am having multiple ones a night and almost every night! The weird thing is I don't really watch anything crazy or do anything right before bed. I might be online but it's just chilling and if i'm watching t.v. i'm watching something like little house on the prairie! I don't usually talk about the dreams because I am superstitious but I will give you a little preview of what is going on in my head lately. These are the most realistic and vivid dreams too! Monday night I dreamed that my grandma was sick and dying and it was like 1 a/m and my parents were going up there and they were telling me that she wanted me to send pictures of me and david so she could look at? I mean what the heck? If my grandma was dying i'd be gonig there myself. Early this morning I was having this dream that David was having heart failure and that the … [Read more...]

#besociety #30daysofme Day 13: The best things to happen to you this week

Well it is still pretty early in this week, as in a calendar week....so let me go back from the last week and see if anything really comes to mind & stands out. Lets see We finally got our internet squared away! good by at&T it has been...REAL lol I got David for a few extra hours on Wed, since he came home when they were here about the internet. Even though I was cranky from lack of sleep it was still nice! I have been to my moms twice I got to see  Jessica Yesterday. Umm.... well that's about all I can come up with! Kind of hard when my ears have been trying to kill me! … [Read more...]

#besociety #30daysofme Day 12- Your Sibling(s)

Well, I am an only lonely, and I don't have any siblings!  I don't even have a friend or another retaliative like a cousin that I could really count as my siblings! At one point long ago I had a couple of people, but things change! I really wish that they hadn't though, because it would be nice to be close to someone in that kind of way! Well, this def. was short and sweet but there isn't much else the chatterbox can elaborate on this one! … [Read more...]