Be Blogtober Blogging Challenge: Day 6 : Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

I can think of a couple. I think one is when I got into appalachian state university and went away to school. I really grew up. I went from not being able to cook anything to pretty much being able to make whatever I wanted. I also could come and go as I pleased, decide if I wanted to go to school,etc etc. I was a very sheltered only child with a mother who would hardly ever let me go out and do anything at all 🙁 I mean I love her to pieces and stuff dont get me wrong but I wasnt really ever one allowed out and about to do whatever it is that most young folks did.I know it is both a good thing and a bad thing and I think because I did have some sense about me I didnt go totally crazy, just a little bit when I finally had the chance to get out on my own!

Another time is when David and I first got together. I know that sounds pretty cliche’ but at the time I was totally not looking for a guy at all, and I was all about getting back to appalachian after having to move home. I was only at a job to get money to pay for my off campus housing and my dad was going to pay for my school for me. I guess that just was not the way it was supposed to be

And..well there are probably a few more but these are the top 2 I could think of in my book! There are a few I can even think of that I really probably wouldnt feel comfortable writing about too.