@thebesociety 5-7/31October Writing Challenge- Fall Wardrobe /Fall Crafts/Musical Instruments#besociety #beoctchallenge


These posts have really short answers , especially for me so I tried to just lump them together :) and. .be proud i found related pics :)   5. How does your wardrobe change for fall? First of all I am not one of these people who sits in the house all dolled up for the most part lol. I mean unless I am leaving to go somewhere I am sitting around in either shorts or sweatpants and a shirt! When the weather gets cooler I might switch up to a hoodie or a long sleeve shirt As far as when I go out of the house I have some nice sweatpants that I sometimes wear that are more thick or whatever but for the most part I guess my wardrobe doesnt' really change too much! I do tend to wear long underwear and boots and long socks a little bit more I suppose :) I don't really wear shorts and even capris are long on me since I am so short lol. Here is a picture of me, big boy and one of my favorite hoodies. It is an appalachian state one of course. ... and my favorite pink sweatpants … [Read more...]

Be Blogtober Writing Challenge Day 8 Tell us how blogging or social media has changed you.

Let me put it to you this way I do not know what on earth I would be doing without blogging and social media! I know when I was a child I Wanted to grow up and be a teacher and all that jazz but it just didnt pan out for me. Heck I even got a medical office degree and that hasnt panned out for me. What has worked is me making money from my blog and staying home instead of us having to work out some sort of schedule or get another car which would mean more money for that plus gas and tags and all that. I would have never dreamed it but it has worked out the best possible way. I knew when we first got the internet when I was in 9th or 10th grade it was for me. I loved being able to connect with others ...It just seems to me that people online have always been better at getting along with me than those I know in real life. I think that it is because you get to know someone on a different level..especially bloggers. As far as social media in general I really enjoy facebook because I … [Read more...]

BE Society Blogtober Writing Challenge Day 7 Share link to your favorite online shop

In all honesty I do not think I have a favorite online shop ...I mean you know me I am odd and I am fine with that but I have really never been one to shop online for some reason. I mean sure I buy a few ebooks and tv episodes from amazon every now and a blue moon, but other than that I am more of an in person type of shopper, and even more so than that I am a money hoarder type of gal lol. I honestly do not know why online shopping never really hit home with me, but it just never did. I mean I might go to walmart or kohls or target online and look up something but for the most part I am going to the store to get it if possible. I think it has something to do with the fact that I like to have things now (only child syndrome ya'll lol) … [Read more...]

Be Blogtober Blogging Challenge: Day 6 : Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

I can think of a couple. I think one is when I got into appalachian state university and went away to school. I really grew up. I went from not being able to cook anything to pretty much being able to make whatever I wanted. I also could come and go as I pleased, decide if I wanted to go to school,etc etc. I was a very sheltered only child with a mother who would hardly ever let me go out and do anything at all :( I mean I love her to pieces and stuff dont get me wrong but I wasnt really ever one allowed out and about to do whatever it is that most young folks did.I know it is both a good thing and a bad thing and I think because I did have some sense about me I didnt go totally crazy, just a little bit when I finally had the chance to get out on my own! Another time is when David and I first got together. I know that sounds pretty cliche' but at the time I was totally not looking for a guy at all, and I was all about getting back to appalachian after having to move home. I was only … [Read more...]

BE Blogtober Writing Challenge Day 5 Something to do in your town

Ok I really hate topics like these lol ...My town is like boring, and unless you want me to take a picture of walmart or something like that, then there is nothing that I can really show you , you know what I mean? I really hate to not write anymore than this on a prompt, so I am trying my hardest to at least think of something! Our downtown area is mostly a lot of lawyers offices and the court house! There just is not that much exciting here, I promise. I guess I will pretty much take this post as a freebie post! … [Read more...]

BE Society Blogtober Day # 4 A time you were afraid

There have been many times when I have been afraid. I am alone a lot and my mind wonders a lot. I decided to just make a list with a few of the times off the top of my head.. I really dont want to go into details especially on a few of them! and there is one I shouldnt probably post but have anyways.. January 2012 when David had to be rushed to the hospital with chest pains June 2012 When I got arrested and thought I was gonna go to jail :( January 2013 when I got the call that my dad had collapsed on the floor at home and wasn't responding July 2013 When I had my breakdown and was alone and didnt know what to do. (looking at this trend maybe i should be afraid of months with J in them lol) I also just wrote 2 things here I havent really ever wrote before.. hmm.. I guess the one was pretty easy to figure out though! … [Read more...]