BE Society Blogtober Writing Challenge Day 7 Share link to your favorite online shop


In all honesty I do not think I have a favorite online shop …I mean you know me I am odd and I am fine with that but I have really never been one to shop online for some reason. I mean sure I buy a few ebooks and tv episodes from amazon every now and a blue moon, but other than that I am more of an in person type of shopper, and even more so than that I am a money hoarder type of gal lol. I honestly do not know why online shopping never really hit home with me, but it just never did. I mean I might go to walmart or kohls or target online and look up something but for the most part I am going to the store to get it if possible. I think it has something to do with the fact that I like to have things now (only child syndrome ya’ll lol)