BE Society Blogtober Day # 4 A time you were afraid


There have been many times when I have been afraid. I am alone a lot and my mind wonders a lot. I decided to just make a list with a few of the times off the top of my head.. I really dont want to go into details especially on a few of them! and there is one I shouldnt probably post but have anyways..

January 2012 when David had to be rushed to the hospital with chest pains

June 2012 When I got arrested and thought I was gonna go to jail 🙁

January 2013 when I got the call that my dad had collapsed on the floor at home and wasn’t responding

July 2013 When I had my breakdown and was alone and didnt know what to do.

(looking at this trend maybe i should be afraid of months with J in them lol)

I also just wrote 2 things here I havent really ever wrote before.. hmm.. I guess the one was pretty easy to figure out though!