Be Blogtober Writing Challenge Day 8 Tell us how blogging or social media has changed you.

Let me put it to you this way I do not know what on earth I would be doing without blogging and social media! I know when I was a child I Wanted to grow up and be a teacher and all that jazz but it just didnt pan out for me. Heck I even got a medical office degree and that hasnt panned out for me. What has worked is me making money from my blog and staying home instead of us having to work out some sort of schedule or get another car which would mean more money for that plus gas and tags and all that. I would have never dreamed it but it has worked out the best possible way.

I knew when we first got the internet when I was in 9th or 10th grade it was for me. I loved being able to connect with others …It just seems to me that people online have always been better at getting along with me than those I know in real life. I think that it is because you get to know someone on a different level..especially bloggers.

As far as social media in general I really enjoy facebook because I get to keep in touch with people that I might have otherwise lost contact with at this point in my life…even family that lives far away!

I could probably write you a book on this subject, so I better just shhh for now 🙂