@thebesociety 5-7/31October Writing Challenge- Fall Wardrobe /Fall Crafts/Musical Instruments#besociety #beoctchallenge

These posts have really short answers , especially for me so I tried to just lump them together πŸ™‚ and. .be proud i found related pics πŸ™‚


5. How does your wardrobe change for fall?

First of all I am not one of these people who sits in the house all dolled up for the most part lol. I mean unless I am leaving to go somewhere I am sitting around in either shorts or sweatpants and a shirt! When the weather gets cooler I might switch up to a hoodie or a long sleeve shirt

As far as when I go out of the house I have some nice sweatpants that I sometimes wear that are more thick or whatever but for the most part I guess my wardrobe doesnt’ really change too much! I do tend to wear long underwear and boots and long socks a little bit more I suppose πŸ™‚ I don’t really wear shorts and even capris are long on me since I am so short lol.

Here is a picture of me, big boy and one of my favorite hoodies. It is an appalachian state one of course. … and my favorite pink sweatpants lol. This was from when I first got to see big boy when he first came to my moms πŸ™‚
Big Boy & Me :)

6. Do you have any crafts you do/start specifically in fall?.

We are talking about ME here. I am famous for saying that the only thing I can make is a mess. and that is pretty well true especially in the craft department. I do have these sudden twinges to try to make things every now and again but it doesn’t really ever pan out!Β  A lot of my problem is I am not a patient person .. For example my mom she is like the crafting goddess. The woman quilts, sews, makes wreaths , etc. If you see something crafty you like

and take her a picture of it she can pretty much reconstruct it.. check out this flag she made for her fall decor:


SHE CUT OUT THE LEAVES and stitched around them and everything!I Do NOT have that kind of paitence. PERIOD. I do try to dabble in scrapbooking every now and again but that is pretty much IT. I hope one day I will find something simple and crafty I can get into but until then.. lol

7. What, if any, musical instruments do you or your children play?

I did take piano lessons as a child and I can play a few simple simple very simple things on it still like mary had a little lamb. I can also play part of a song called Tennessee Waltz.

I can’t “Read” music notes and when I took Elementary Music at Appalachian everyone in my class could read the music (we had to play the recorder)except for me and I was so embarrassed I couldn’t bring myself to tell my teacher that I couldn’t read it. I had some friends that would kind of help but I basically had to wing it and I don’t think my teacher ever even knew.. we had group tests and i kinda just mimicked what I saw. I am sure if I would have mentioned it she would have helped me. ..It was just really weird to be the only person who didn’t know out of everyone πŸ™

My Dad can play the guitar .. my mom got him a chord buddy and they are both having fun with that too. I would rather just play the radio πŸ™‚

Here is an adorable picture of my cousins Kimmy and JakeΒ  from a LONG time ago (12 years or so ) pretending to play my moms piano she used to have:
kim and jake piano 04


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    Wow that was a pretty good idea to lump them together. It came out good. I hear you on favorite sweatpants, I have mine too. I like making crafts, I try to stay patient. I love the flag your mom made!!