BE October Writing Challenge: Scents of Fall

applescollageHere is a collage of one of my favorite fall scents: APPLES 🙂 This was for the first day of my instagram challenge for this month and it was very fitting for this post as well 🙂

I like pretty much any fall scent that you can imagine! I like apples/apple ciders.. cinnamon and all of that good stuff! We can’t really burn candles here at the new apartment (Hai There, Sprinkler system!) but I have candle warmers and a few fall scented candles to use. I also have a little poporri pot that I like to put these sorts of scents in as well!

Actually my E-cig that I have has a liquid called apple cider and not only does it taste yummy it has the most awesome smell as well 🙂

I think though that my all time favorite smell I can trace it back to being really really young and that is the smell of woodsmoke! I can remember being maybe around Kindergarten age and we lived in the trailer park (until I was in around 10th grade). Anyways, I can remember there were houses across the road and going to school some mornings you could smell woodsmoke and I loved it. It not only reminds me of fall but it reminds me of being in Virginia and all of that kind of stuff too!

My parents actually have a buck stove to heat their house so I get to smell woodsmoke quite frequently this time of the year!


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    You are a girl after my own heart! I also love all the smells of Fall and I REALLY love the smell of a woodburning fire. We used to have a woodstove in a house we rented and that’s one thing I really miss.
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