@thebesociety Fallish October Blog Challenge 4/31- Leaves


Do you rake your leaves or let them lie on the yard? Since getting married David and I have always lived at apartment places where lawn care is provided/ leaves wouldn't really even be around. Over at the old place we did have some really nice old trees and we did have leaves in the yard but the folks we rented from never bothered to ever consider bagging them or blowing them away or anything like that. It was always fun year round to try to walk in the yard if you had to (and you know after killing my foot I was really not so enchanted with that idea anymore) We always had sticks/twigs/old leaves/acorns and when it was wet boy was it slick. Always best to stick to the sidewalk if you could! I am not sure if here we will really have leaves around since we are kinda away from the wooded areas.. I guess I will know before too awful long! There is a picture of me as a kid on facebook in leaves that My grandpa raked up just for me to jump in. I have shared it here … [Read more...]

@thebesociety Fallish October Writing Challenge 3/31- Fall Treats #besociety


Your favourite fall treats. Include recipes if you have them. I have so many things I really like in the fall. I am one of these people that was into fall and fall things and pumpkin stuff before it was trendy! First of all my mom bakes up so many fall things for thanksgiving it is insane. I am talking Pumpkin Rolls and Pumpkin Pies.. She also makes peanut butter no bake cookies (well for me she uses soy butter or almond butter). She makes Pecan pies as well but those really aren't a favorite of mine. (I am trying to include pics on these posts as best I can this month.. This was the only pic I could find of the pumpkin rolls. the one without nuts is my personal one because I only like almonds lol. Also it has vanilla icing instead of cream cheese) I know a few of these things I will mention won't scream FALL for you but like I say we go all out for thanksgiving and a lot of these things are things that we only have this time of the year. Sometimes I think people get … [Read more...]

BE Society October Writing Challenge 2/31-Fall Decorations


Official Prompt (I usually shorten them for the titles lol) Your favorite way to decorate for fall. I usually go all out for fall ..When we lived at the old place I had more room to decorate as in having a flower bed and I used to put stakes out with fairy wings and leaf garland:   I also had little scarecrows around and cutouts of different fall things that I would put on the door and I even have pilgrim magnets that permanently stay on my fridge! I haven't figured out exactly what I want to do over here with decorating just yet! I know my mom is supposed to be making me a new wreath that I am going to hang out on the patio. I took our one on the front door off when they painted and I never even put it back. I do have a hello kitty Fall Flag that I am going to try to put in its place :) (Looks like some more decorating for fall pics post might be in order.. lol).  Most of my stuff is pink and green and totally doesn't mesh with a fall theme but I am not gonna … [Read more...]

BE October Writing Challenge: Scents of Fall


Here is a collage of one of my favorite fall scents: APPLES :) This was for the first day of my instagram challenge for this month and it was very fitting for this post as well :) I like pretty much any fall scent that you can imagine! I like apples/apple ciders.. cinnamon and all of that good stuff! We can't really burn candles here at the new apartment (Hai There, Sprinkler system!) but I have candle warmers and a few fall scented candles to use. I also have a little poporri pot that I like to put these sorts of scents in as well! Actually my E-cig that I have has a liquid called apple cider and not only does it taste yummy it has the most awesome smell as well :) I think though that my all time favorite smell I can trace it back to being really really young and that is the smell of woodsmoke! I can remember being maybe around Kindergarten age and we lived in the trailer park (until I was in around 10th grade). Anyways, I can remember there were houses across the road and … [Read more...]

BE Society FALLISH Writing Challenge-October 2014

So I whacked out about the midway mark with the writing prompts last month :( It's all good though! Everyone needs a break sometime! This month though the prompts are totally my kind of topics because.. They are FALLISH!! Thanks to Charli for coming up with these for us! I am also doing a fallish themed instagram challenge this month! Fun stuff :) <img class="aligncenter" title="BE Society October 2014 Challenge" src="http://i62.tinypic.com/2wovioi.jpg" alt="BE Society October 2014 Challenge" width="250" height="250" /> Feel free to snag the above button if you like. :) <strong>How it works</strong> Bloggers please create a category or a tag and add the url to category or tag (#BEoctchallenge2014) to the linky below. Each day write a post about that day’s prompt. Then get sharing, visiting other bloggers and more. If you take part in the challenge we would love you to grab the button and/or the linky. We will be tweeting and sharing posts at random so be … [Read more...]