@thebesociety Fallish October Writing Challenge 3/31- Fall Treats #besociety

Your favourite fall treats. Include recipes if you have them.

I have so many things I really like in the fall. I am one of these people that was into fall and fall things and pumpkin stuff before it was trendy!

First of all my mom bakes up so many fall things for thanksgiving it is insane. I am talking Pumpkin Rolls and Pumpkin Pies.. She also makes peanut butter no bake cookies (well for me she uses soy butter or almond butter). She makes Pecan pies as well but those really aren’t a favorite of mine.

homemade pumpkin rolls

(I am trying to include pics on these posts as best I can this month.. This was the only pic I could find of the pumpkin rolls. the one without nuts is my personal one because I only like almonds lol. Also it has vanilla icing instead of cream cheese)

I know a few of these things I will mention won’t scream FALL for you but like I say we go all out for thanksgiving and a lot of these things are things that we only have this time of the year. Sometimes I think people get hung up on Sept/Oct being fall and forget that November is still fall as well 🙂

A few others include Fudge, and sometimes she will get almond bark and dip pretzels in it. Sometimes she will take town house crackers and put almond butter in the middle with chocolate and then dip those in almond bark as well.

I also like pumpkin pie icecream. I never even knew there was such until a few years back when I wanted ice cream one night and David was gone to get it. I had also been craving pumpkin pie and as a joke I said well if they have pumpkin pie icecream bring me that.. and he came home with it and I was like WOW lol.

I also tend to like more hearty homestyle foods this time of the year like soups and that kind of thing. Of course we all know that my absolute fave meal is cube steak pan fried with brown gravy and mashed potatoes! I am a seasonal eater if that makes since? I know I have wrote that before lol

Oh and let me NOT forget about apple cider!! I love it both cold and hot in the fall of the year. That and something my mom makes up called Russian Tea! It is like tang and tea and spices.. it is good!


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    Nicole great post! Those pumpkin rolls look really good and interesting. Will have to try them soon. I never heard of pumpkin pie ice cream, don’t think I ever seen it in stores. I usually look through all the ice cream cause my hubby loves his ice cream. Will have to ask for that one.