@thebesociety Fallish October Blog Challenge 4/31- Leaves

Do you rake your leaves or let them lie on the yard?

Since getting married David and I have always lived at apartment places where lawn care is provided/ leaves wouldn’t really even be around. Over at the old place we did have some really nice old trees and we did have leaves in the yard but the folks we rented from never bothered to ever consider bagging them or blowing them away or anything like that. It was always fun year round to try to walk in the yard if you had to (and you know after killing my foot I was really not so enchanted with that idea anymore) We always had sticks/twigs/old leaves/acorns and when it was wet boy was it slick. Always best to stick to the sidewalk if you could!

I am not sure if here we will really have leaves around since we are kinda away from the wooded areas.. I guess I will know before too awful long!

There is a picture of me as a kid on facebook in leaves that My grandpa raked up just for me to jump in. I have shared it here before.

Anyways, the only place I even know where leaves would be in a yard is at my moms and she told me while ago she thinks my dad has pretty well given up on raking them/blowing them with his blower lol.

Here is a picture of my grandmeow Big Boy in the leaves at my moms.


and while we are on the subject of leaves. I WANNA GO TO THE MOUNTAINS and see the leaves this year.. PLEASE? lol