#BeSociety #30daysofpics-Day 15 Something You Don’t leave home without

Since I was 2 years old (perhaps earlier) I have had an obsession with purses. which could ensue a whole other post!  However,I RARELY have ever left the house without my purse. Every rare moon I might just grab my debit card and ID and my phone/keys but generally if I am leaving this house it is with a purse. Out of my millions of purses, my converted polly pocket toy holder is one of my favorites! I think i have 3 different ones. I have even used it as a lunchbox in the past … [Read more...]

#BESociety #30Daysofpics Day 14-A show you are currently addicted to

yeah,o.k. we have seemed to have hit a rut on me finding pics to go with these for real!! Sorry about that! Maybe the topics can perk up a notch and I will be able to share some more with you! You know you love to hear me ramble though, so I will name a couple of shows that are My favorites! Breaking Bad; Holy stars, if you have not ever watched breaking bad I seriously have to wonder about you! This is the last season and it is AMAZING show. My dad even watched up to about season 2 of it and I keep telling him he needs to finish it! Just in case you don't know it is about this guy Walt who has cancer. To help provide for his family after he dies he starts making meth! He is a scientist and it is really premium meth. He finds out he is in remission but still continues to cook. His brother in law is a DEA agent. It has lots of twists and turns! Sons of Anarchy; When David first started watching this I really wasn't paying attention and I didn't really want to watch it. I half paid … [Read more...]

#BeSociety #30dayofpics day 13 Your favorite musician and why?

Another one that I don't have a picture for :( Meh! I guess I could have snagged a picture of someone off of a website, but I don't like doing that all that great! I like using my pictures for the most part! Anyways, I am very particular when it comes to music.I also have some very mixed tastes in my music! I like everything from bluegrass(ralph stanley) to rap(emeneim) and more! Sometimes I can't stand music and sometimes I can't get enough! 2 of my top singers are Jason Aldean and Eric Church. I know I have wrote about them before on my Nichole's list of hot guys but.. yeah.. I really like their songs and there aren't any of them that I don't like. They really match my mood most of the time! Eric church is actually from about 30 minutes from here up towards boone and went to appalachian at the same time that I did! I sure have been writing a lot about my appalachian and boone in the last few days haven't I? I think it's time for a trip to the hills :) I know I want to go see … [Read more...]

#BESociety #30DaysofPics Day 12 – A picture of your town

I really am slacking off with adding pictures to the majority of these posts lol. I guess it is because I got a little bit behind and lazy for the most part, and some of them I just don't think pictures go with lol. Anyways, this another one I am gonna have to slack on because I do NOT have a picture of my town, and I don't think I will be going into town and be able to get one by the end of today either..and I really don't want to have to do this another day and be behind again! I actually live IN TOWN technically but where the actual shops and court is about 5 minutes or less away! We generally go the back ways to go places and avoid town like the plague! Way too many cops that are bored around here!  We actually have a court square too! Our Town is BORING BORING BORING and we don't have anything neat or cool in my opinion. Of course I have lived here for 25 years! I think Boone, NC is more fascinating. It might even be BIGGER than my town. I know there were lots of nice shops … [Read more...]