#BeSociety #30daysofpics Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Oh, What an interesting topic for me to write about! Dear______________ (refuse to even write a name here, because it wouldn't be a nice thing that I could even begin to come up with) It has been several months since everything went to heck and a handbasket, but I never knew then looking ahead, how much of a blessing that it would be! I get more paid posts, I get more review opps, I have more support than I ever had. I get more comments and interaction and have got to connect with people that I haven't got to connect with in years, and even new people!I have my own network of gals who love me and support me in all that I do. I have learned exactly what to not do, and that is to try to be like you on any level! Sure you hurt me more than I like to admit, but it's seriously o.k. now. I have moved on and I am all the better for it! I don't have to force myself to do the things that I was doing for you, now I do them for my self and i get so much more out of … [Read more...]

#BeSociety #30daysofpics Day 21 – A photo of something that makes you happy

Really there are only so many pictures of david and sam and my family that exist, and I feel like I have ate it up on posting them here this last couple of weeks! Other than those things, I don't think that I have anything else that I can put a picture up of that doesn't seem superficial and shallow! So I guess I will take this as a free day, and remind you to appreciate you family, and even your fur baby family if you have one! … [Read more...]

#BESociety #30DaysofPics Day 20-The meaning behind your blog name.

Well there really isn't a way to come up with a picture for this particular post! I knew there would be some I wouldn't want to do pics of and some that wouldn't be easy or any way to come up with one! Anyways, Autumn-Rain is a really simple story, and it is one that I seemingly have told a million times lately! Basically I really love the fall (as though you couldn't tell) and I really like when you get a nice cool rain in the fall where you can just relax and burrow and all that good stuff. It took me forever to come up with, but that is the story of what it means! Nothing fancy! :) … [Read more...]

#BeSociety #30DaysofPics Day 18 – Something you crave a lot.


Something I crave a lot? hmm. I have many cravings! Usually the top though, is wings and fries! I think I could eat wings and fries everyday and never get sick of them! I also tend to really like Salads with homemade ranch dressing! I wanted to be able to include a picture, and something else that I have a mad craving for most all the time are HOMEGROWN tomatoes from my mom and dads garden! I love them with Rice, by themselves, on a sandwich with mayo, or even with eggs! I really miss them when the season is over, and I am sorry but store bought tomatoes just do NOT compare. Also nothing compares to dukes Mayo! Thanks, Now I am Hungry! … [Read more...]