day 16/31 Aug Blog Writing Challenge w/@thebesociety-procrastinate #besociety #beaugchallenge


For More BE info , click the image above! We would love to have you stop by and visit/join up! I believe when I am in the mood to procrastinate.. like truly in the mood I can use almost anything to do it with! I can do it with Facebook, the phone, taking a nap, watching t.v and listening to music. I think though that by far my worst method is probably any form of social media .. and the worst though other than facebook would probably come out being pinterest. I can not tell you how many time I have just went over there to "look around for a few minutes" and before you know it is several hours later lol I really do try to NOT procrastinate and usually my main problem with getting things done might be motivation OR the fact I got distracted doing something else because I try to multi task. I generally unintentionally get hung up on facebook because of the BE group! I guess though.. I am just not one to put things off.. I like to be ahead too much! That way if something comes up … [Read more...]

15/31-Aug Blog writing challene w/@thebesociety-item association #besociety #beaugchallenge


Want more info about BE and our writing prompts? check us out by clicking the image above :) This is the cutest prompt ever , but I honestly don't know how to really answer it lol.  I guess you would have to associate me with all of my technological devices like my laptop, phone and ipad?  but.. that seems kind of boring and not cool!  Maybe you could use headbands to associate with me? or my hair? because my hair is like "a thing" especially when it comes to being so naturally curly.. Everyone always says in a crowd they can pick me out with my hair (like at my high school graduation, people just looked for my big poofy hair!) So this was one of those really simple answered posts that rarely happen when it comes to me, but I didn't want to totally freebie out, and I guess everything doesn't have to have a huge answer even if it is the way I generally am! … [Read more...]

14/31 August Blog Writing Challenge with @thebesociety- fave pic of self #besociety #beaugchallenge


To find out more info about the BE society blogging community and our monthly writing challenges, click the image above :) I usually do *not* like pics of myself lol. Generally it seems like no one wants to snap pics of me if I am having a good looking hair day and have decent clothes on!... No.. let's wait till she is doing the troll lookin thing and wearing sweatpants and go nutso with taking pics. Also.. people seemingly always have to catch me with the weirdest expressions on my face. I also have a pet peeve of any picture I am in someone has to be like "Smile" Honestly .. WHY do I HAVE to smile in a pic? What is wrong with looking natural? To me  smiling isn't really a natural thing. Also.. it is kind of just like me liking to be different and so I don't smile in a pic? What is the big Most people know how I am about it by now though and they don't bother me about it! As far as my favorite pic, I made a collage recently of "5 Pictures that I feel Most Beautiful … [Read more...]

13/31- Be Society Aug Blog Writing Challnege-Vacation Spot #besociety #beaugchallenge


For More Information about the BE community and our monthly writing Challenges click the image above! I totally apologize in advance for not putting pictures in this post. A lot of my pics are on the computer that crashed and some are on flickr and.. yeah  lol my flickr needs some cleaning up lovin' I share it with my mom so things get a little bit out of whack over there... There are really only 2 places that I actually go on "Vacation"and I don't even technically know that you can count going to my grandmas in Virginia as a vacation lol because generally I don't get to stay more than a night, if that! Speaking of which I need to get my hiney up there ASAP and I need to get back into calling my grandma more .. she was blowing my phone up when I first moved and now I never hear from her! Which to be 75 she is still a very active and busy woman so that is part of it. Usually I don't really like talking on the phone and by the time I am in the mood to talk on the phone it is too … [Read more...]

12/31 August Blog Writing Challenge with @theBEsociety-Blogging Groups #besociety #beaugchallenge


For more information about the BE monthly writing challenges and our community please click the image above! Well.. BE is my BABY so it will be hard to write this post and not brag about it all to bits!  I created BE out of a negative situation and I am VERY glad I did. It was an Idea that I had for ever and just needed a push to make it happen!   Since BE is mainly a social group it has really helped me to be able to talk about things that aren't even blog related that I need to ramble about and need support or whatever with. I know that even though we had a few bouts of "Drama things really have turned out for the best and we are stronger and more active than ever for the most part ! I also know that if it wasn't for the group I wouldn't have made it through a few thing in my life quite the same, even though I pretty much abandoned the group for a while and almost let it go. There just wasn't the appropriate group of folks there at that time, but it gave me something to come … [Read more...]

Day 09/31 August Blog Challenge with @thebesociety – Clothes & Appearance #besociety #beaugchallenge


Come Visit us at BE by Clicking the banner above! I have never been a "Fashion" type of person. I like my T-Shirts and jeans just fine and I have had times where I was wearing cute little dresses and skorts and such when I used to be a bit younger and skinnier :)  You all do know of my love for purses and undies though right? ha ha. I always have to have a nice purse and nice undies! I like vintage looking stuff though I don't really have a whole lot going on for me in that category but.. for the most part I am a simple gal ..and I don't really wear make up or anything either. One of my favorite quotes is something that my great grandpa use to say " a little bit of powder, and a little bit of paint make many a gal what she ain't" :) As far as appearance though, I do always notice the more PRETTY I feel that I look really effects my mood!  If my hair is having an extra straight week or day I am on top of the world!  I don't have pretty teeth so that sucks, and that is honestly … [Read more...]