24/31 Aug Blog Challenge w/@thebesociety- cleaning #besociety #beaugchallenge


Come check out BE Society for more info about us and our writing prompts by clicking the image above! I am all for being clean and organized but I am also fine with a "lived in" look for the house at the same time!  I used to be CRAZY obsessed with making sure my bed was made first thing in the morning. I try to still do it at some point in the day because from our living room you can see into the bedroom..If I know my mom is coming over in the day I make it more of a priority of getting that done. Sure I could just shut the door but Sam spends a lot of time in there.. The only time we shut the door and lock it is when we have Davids family over and that is another story lol. For the most part things just have their place to go and I try to keep them in that place. I am most particular about any of my paper work for reviews and blogging! If I have it on my clipboard I don't want anyone to mess with it lol. David is a total obsessive compulsive cleaning person and it has really … [Read more...]

23/31 Aug @thebesociety blog writing challenge-blog title #besociety @beaugchallenge


Come Check out the BE Society and Our Writing Prompts by clicking the banner above! Picking Website Names is one of the most annoying things ever for me!I have had 4 domains now and numerous sites over the years and coming up with the name is right up there with coming up with a layout/theme for them!  For fun, I will try and give you a little history of all for of the domains names. Autumn-Rain.net - I like the Fall. The fall also reminds me of happy times when it comes to my past because of college and what not :) My original site tagline was "and we kissed while the autumn-rain fell" or something similar to that. I guess I just find the fall romantic and fall rains in Boone were always special to me.. because lord knows we didn't get that many of them before the snow started to fly :) Fall in the mountains in general is an awesome time with the crisp air and the leaves. *sigh* I don't think I can fully put into words what the site title really means to me. GRITS reviews. This … [Read more...]

22/31-Aug Blog Writing Challenge w/@thebesociety- Summer Association #besociety #beaugchallenge


Come check out BE Society and check out more information on us and our writing prompts series ...Just click the banner Above I really am NOT a Summer person lol so I really had to think on this one. I am a fall person obviously and could give you tons of ideas on that subject! I think really the things that would remind me of summer would be pool/beach smells like ocean water and chlorine water and sunscreen! I also know that smells of tanning lotion are something I associate with summer. Fresh Cut Grass, Watermelon..Grilled Food. Honeysuckle. You know I hate when I can't come up with a huge long post, but that is about all that is coming to mind for me! I could have possible adapted this into "things" that remind you of summer and came up with a longer list such as: Heat, Bright Sunshine, Fireworks, Kids out of school, etc :) Longer post later <3   … [Read more...]

20/31-Aug Blog writing Challenge with @thebesociety- favorite meal #besociety #beaugchallenge


To Find out More about BE Society & Our Writing Challenge Check us out by clicking the above image! Last month we wrote about "Favorite Comfort Foods" which you can check out , and those are some of my favorite meals to eat but.. well there are others lol. Of course. .I love food!  I will be first to admit that I am not big on cooking though, mostly because I hate planning out meals or trying to go to the store and come up with new ideas.It is something that I would like to get more "into " I totally plan to take some dreary fall days and go through some of my old magazines that I have collected (Rachael Ray and All You along with some others) as well as my huge cookbook collection (that my dad died laughing that I even had when we were moving- He was like "Seriously what was in this " about the tub I had them in, and when I opened it up he was like "really?" LOL)and try to come up with some new ideas! It is really a goal I have to be able to plan out at least 2 weeks or so … [Read more...]

day 19/31-Aug @thebesociety blog writing challenge -10th Word #besociety @beaugchallenge


Come by and Visit The BE gals by clicking the image above. Join our community /writing challenges and more! Ok.. If i grabbed the actual book closest to be it would be the bible.. lol because I have one on my coffee table So.. lets see.. lol I wasn't gonna actually use it as my basis for this but the 10th word was pretty cool :) Plus Miss Lazy here didn't have to get up and even see what the 10th word was because I just know the first passage of the bible.. lol you get the pic! 1. IN 2.The 3.Begining 4. God 5.Created 6.The 7.Heavens 8.and 9. the 10. EARTH.... We have a winner.. our 10th word is Earth. Thankfully. I mean .. some of those words would be pretty darn boring to come up with! I don't suppose I really need to look at a picture of the Earth either to write a little bit about what the image brings to mind :)  To me, earth is an image in my mind of a sphere shape with green and blues for the land and sea, and it is HOME to not only me but all of … [Read more...]

18/31- August @TheBESociety Blog Writing Challenge -asking for help #besociety #beaugchallenge


Come Visit us at BE Society by clicking the banner above! For the most part I do try to rely on myself for most things, but sometimes there are things I have to have help with for various reasons!  The person /people that help me the most are my parents.. especially my mom!  There have been many times if it wasn't for my mom we wouldn't have had various things at different points in time. My mom supports me no matter what and she knows that we really do try so I think that is why she doesn't mind helping me out when I truly need it. A lot of times it is just like she KNOWS and will randomly hand me money and tell me to use it for "Mad Money" There have been times that David had to take a week off to qualify for unemployment and we were right up on it with out bills- - I Know one time we had EXACTLY enough for rent and power and nothing else and my mom paid our power bill and took me on a huge trip to the grocery store! My mom is really handy with helping me out with having what I … [Read more...]