Mama Kat Writing Prompt: 6 Facts about You and your Hubs(

I recently went in search of some INTERESTING writing prompts that I could use to spruce up the place and one of the places I found was Mama Kats I like the fact that there are prompts emailed out weekly/you can go to the site and generate a prompt at anytime. One of the topics for this week that was sent via email, was "List 6 Facts about you and your Husband" well Knowing me I won't be able to stop at 6 but here you go: 1.Met in January 2007 at the Salvation Army Family Store, Got Engaged that February and Married in June of the same year! 2. We will celebrate our 6 year anniversary on June 17 of this year 3. We are both cleaning freaks, but in opposite form of eachother. Like.. for ex He cleans the things I don't like to clean and doesn't mind. 4.Both thought we had met eachother/known eachother from somewhere before we started working together 5. We have been apart from each other less than 5x ever since we got together ...I mean like more than a few … [Read more...]