A awesome way to save money? Rent Your College Books!

If you don’t know anything about me, I at least hope you know how into saving money by using coupons, going to discount bargain grocery stores, buying this on sale, and I have a love affair with thriftshops and even a yardsale when I can find a good one.

One of the most expensive times in my life (other than now lol), is when I was going to college! I know that at one point not only was I away and out on my own, but I was having to live off campus which was even more hard for my parents to swing.

The awesome thing was that one of the only schools that RENTS their textbooks out for a semester is Appalachian State University. I always thought that was one of the neatest concepts, and I liked it even more than trying to stalk the internet and look for used text books! I actually did find somewhere to rent a couple of my books later on, but it wasn’t as easy to find those places as it can be now a days!

Enter Campus Book Rentals! They have a very huge stock of available ! A few of the awesome advantages of simply renting your books include saving somewhere between 40-90% off of buying them brand new. Also? with campus book rentals you can highlight in the books, you get free shipping both ways, flexible rental periods, and they even donate to operation smile with each textbook that you rent!

I LOVE when you are doing something simple like renting a book that you need, and in turn you end up helping out a cause!  Operation Smile is a organization that helps those people who have cleft palates! How awesome is it by simply renting your books and saving money you are also helping out an awesome cause? Pretty Nice!

A new feature that campus book rental is featuring is the option to rent out your own text books called Rent Back! Basically you send your book to them, and they rent it out as long as it is in demand , and you get paid for it!  I know from experience from simply selling your books back at a college book buy back at the end of a semester , you won’t get hardly anything for those books that you might have spent a fortune on. Here is a way to make yourself a little bit more money on those books you may have bought!

I know that if I were to go back to school right now I would def. be checking into these options, and I fully believe that you should too!

this is a sponsored post on behalf of campus book rentals. However, All thoughts ,opinions and ideas stated above are honest and my own. Your Results may vary.