Campus Book Rentals: It’s smart to rent your books!


  I always love when I get the chance to write for Campus Book Rentals!  It makes me get to get to think about those "good old college days" which I can't believe were like over 10 years ago now when I first went away to appalachian in the spring of 2005! O.k. see that right there just makes me feel old :(  I guess I am young at heart and have lots of awesome memories so that is what really matters in the long run :) One thing that I enjoyed with going to Appalachian State is it is one of the few colleges that allows you to rent your required textbooks straight from them for a really low fee! Back then it was about $35 and it didn't matter how many you got. I always found it to be an awesome concept because I am sure you have probably been in the situation where you end up with a book that you RARELY used or didn't ever use at all, and you paid a fortune for it. I used to have good luck on buying used books in the financial aide students hadn't go there first, but usually they … [Read more...]

Well the cold does remind me of school & textbooks: Campus Book Rentals!

Well.. It has been a relatively warm winter this year.. or at least a dry one as far as snow and ice here in my part of the world! I have to say I wouldn't mind a few flurries or a few inches because  I have always found snow to be REALLY peaceful! Of course when I think of COLD and GRAY and SNOW I start thinking of those "good old college days" at appalachian state :) One thing I always thought was the neatest was the way that all REQUIRED books that we had to have were included in our tuition as a rental fee. I think for about $30 you got practically every book that you needed and that was AWESOME :) I was like why can't every school do it this way? Especially when you KNOW how you end up NOT using some of those books in the long run anyways.. and you have paid like a few hundred bucks for them! I always did try to get the USED books but generally the financial aide folks wiped those out because they got to go first, and the more they saved the more they could get towards other … [Read more...]

Rent Books-Save Money, It is that simple!


I am not trying to "date" myself but it made 10 years ago this week since I started thinking about leaving community college and going on to the "big leagues" ! I was pretty inspired at that point in my life- sick of living at home, had a new "boyfriend" and it seemed like anything was possible! Luckily for me starting in January 2005 I started Appalachian State University (I know, you all knew that by now lol) and well the rest is history! One thing I found absolutely enchanting about ASU- I mean sure there were lots of things.. but one of the things that really stood out to me was the fact that you RENTED your textbooks! No more buying of books that costed several hundreds of dollars that you never used, you just walked into the bookstore with your schedule and they handed you all of your textbooks because a rental fee of $35 was included in your tuition. It didn't mater if it was 1 book or 10- you were covered!  I was like WOW this is awesome ... why can't all schools come up … [Read more...]

Campus Book Rentals: Have I mentioned I miss my college days?(lately?)

I know in the last few months I have wrote a couple of posts about how I miss my college days, and it is SO very true! I think I must be getting to be OLD and missing my youth or something lol. I don't know I am about to turn 30 and when I think about how it was January 2005 that means it is getting closer and closer to being 10 years since I was actually IN COLLEGE. Well, O.k.That isn't the truth, I did go to community college (again) when I came home, but to me the full college experience was when I was AWAY at school! I was always excited that while I was going to appalachian they actually include a rental fee for the MAJORITY of the books that you are required to have for you classes. I mean if it was a core book, not something supplemental. You paid about 40 bucks flat for whatever amount of classes you took! It was kind of nice! One thing that I wish I would have known about for the 2 years I went to community college before though, was RENTING text books in general! It … [Read more...]

The Elements of A Great Bridal Shower Party


  Are you going to host a bridal shower party anytime soon? That great! By now, you need to prepare all the things you need for that party starting from your dress up to you bridal shower party gift and the other party essentials. If you having troubles on finding what you need for the party then don’t worry, because in this post we are going to talk about the elements that you need in throwing off a great bridal shower party 1. Bridal Party Dresses – If you’re in need of a lovely dress for the party, then check out The Green Guide’s Bridesmaids Dresses for as low as $69. You can be assured of getting a nice-looking dress without having to spend much on the money. 2. Personalized Gifts – If you want to give something that is very useful, then why not present the bride a watch at her bridal party? Well don’t just give any watch for you can give her a David’s bridal’s Personalized Gunmetal Pocket Watch for $32. This intricately made timepiece is suitable for the … [Read more...]

Signazon: Business Cards, Stickers & More

As a former teacher want-to-be and now a blogger, I have always had an obsession with paper products!  I can remember when I was little and my mom was a manager for Great Clips and she had her own business cards. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I knew that I myself wanted some of my own one day! I have had 3 sets of business cards for Autumn-Rain, and my latest batch is by far my favorite but some things have changed since I had them made, so I am def. in the market for some new ones! Also BE Society we have our cards designed but I haven’t ordered them just yet. Recently I found a site called and they have all types of awesome goodies to choose from including business cards, stickers and so much more. The site is well laid out, and I decided to play around and check out some of the goodies and give a few highlights! You can even browse by business or by product. Let’s start with my favorite, the aforementioned business cards!  They have where you can upload … [Read more...]