Campus Book Rentals: Have I mentioned I miss my college days?(lately?)

I know in the last few months I have wrote a couple of posts about how I miss my college days, and it is SO very true! I think I must be getting to be OLD and missing my youth or something lol. I don’t know I am about to turn 30 and when I think about how it was January 2005 that means it is getting closer and closer to being 10 years since I was actually IN COLLEGE. Well, O.k.That isn’t the truth, I did go to community college (again) when I came home, but to me the full college experience was when I was AWAY at school!

I was always excited that while I was going to appalachian they actually include a rental fee for the MAJORITY of the books that you are required to have for you classes. I mean if it was a core book, not something supplemental. You paid about 40 bucks flat for whatever amount of classes you took! It was kind of nice!

One thing that I wish I would have known about for the 2 years I went to community college before though, was RENTING text books in general! It wasn’t very common back then, or if it was I didn’t find out about it till later on! We spend more on books than my classes most semesters and you know how it goes about if you actually end up using the books and all of that sort of thing! I wish I would have known about campus book rentals back then!

There are TONS of perks of renting books from somewhere like Campus Book Rentals! They include:
-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-free shipping both ways
-can highlight in the textbooks
-flexible renting periods
-we donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented

Operation Smile is an amazing organization that helps children who are born with a cleft lift/palate! They work in over 60 countries as well. Children who are born in some of these countries are even shunned and rejected 🙁 They most of the time cannot eat or speak socialize or smile.

I know that if I were to ever be in the situation to rent my books for school again (and you never know it could happen!) I would love to be able to show my support for such an awesome cause by doing something like renting a book which I would be doing anyways!

Another awesome thing that campus book rentals offers is their rent back program which allows you to rent your own books out to other students which would in turn make you more money than you would make at a traditional buy back! I know back in the day when I was buying my books buy back was always such a joke in my opinion. I know one year they wouldn’t buy my astronomy book because they said that the course was not approved for the next semester? (and it was LOL) For more info on that, you can check out this video: