The Elements of A Great Bridal Shower Party

  Are you going to host a bridal shower party anytime soon? That great! By now, you need to prepare all the things you need for that party starting from your dress up to you bridal shower party gift and the other party essentials. If you having troubles on finding what you need for the party then don’t worry, because in this post we are going to talk about the elements that you need in throwing off a great bridal shower party 1. Bridal Party Dresses – If you’re in need of a lovely dress for the party, then check out The Green Guide’s Bridesmaids Dresses for as low as $69. You can be assured of getting a nice-looking dress without having to spend much on the money. 2. Personalized Gifts – If you want to give something that is very useful, then why not present the bride a watch at her bridal party? Well don’t just give any watch for you can give her a David’s bridal’s Personalized Gunmetal Pocket Watch for $32. This intricately made timepiece is suitable for the ...

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Signazon: Business Cards, Stickers & More

As a former teacher want-to-be and now a blogger, I have always had an obsession with paper products!  I can remember when I was little and my mom was a manager for Great Clips and she had her own business cards. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I knew that I myself wanted some of my own one day! I have had 3 sets of business cards for Autumn-Rain, and my latest batch is by far my favorite but some things have changed since I had them made, so I am def. in the market for some new ones! Also BE Society we have our cards designed but I haven’t ordered them just yet. Recently I found a site called and they have all types of awesome goodies to choose from including business cards, stickers and so much more. The site is well laid out, and I decided to play around and check out some of the goodies and give a few highlights! You can even browse by business or by product. Let’s start with my favorite, the aforementioned business cards!  They have where you can upload ...

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Dogs: Treats & Training (Guest Post)

                                                      Image by airwaves1, used under Creative Commons license I know I am a walking stereotype—treating my animals like my kids. But we are all stereotypical in one way or another so I am just going to embrace it and say, for now, my pets are my babies! Of course, that means I run the risk of spoiling them even more than the average pet owner. I do lean a little too far in one direction when it comes to dog treats. I assume it’s a bit like a mother in a supermarket giving into her toddler who is begging for chocolate just to get him to behave while she finishes shopping. This said, I am aware that dog treats are meant to be used sparingly while we train our dogs to listen and learn the rules. I would definitely recommend a local dog training class for new puppies or older dogs, as they will advise you on treating your dog once a new command has sunk in. If in doubt, save your best chewy treats for the end of the session, ...

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Wedding Dresses: Big Decision, but doesn’t have to cost Big bucks!

I am pretty well known as the girl that bought her wedding dress at a thrift shop BEFORE I was even with a guy that would consider marrying me, and I also only paid $17 for it. It is one of my claim to fame (or one of them) I suppose! I just remember my mom and I had been there earlier in the week, and my dad wanted to go to a store that was nearby and I told my mom if they had that dress I was going to try it on, and bring it home if it fit. Lo, and behold they had it, and it was half price that day! Oh, and fit me PERFECTLY. I can't imagine having to actually PICK IT OUT like most people do! I can remember trying to get engagement rings and that was a mess! It wasn't the price that was my problem, it was my small hands and these huge honking rings that David kept picking out! I can only imagine trying to pick out a dress  in the conventional way that most people do, to at least compare to my ring experience, or maybe even worse! You can pretty well tell I am a girl that likes ...

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Infographic:How Healthy do you eat?

What do you generally eat for lunch or even in general? Is it healthy? I know that I am generally NOT a healthy eater and even though I love salads I am eating tons of fat because I eat most of the time homemade ranch dressing which I make with buttermilk and mayo which are both total fat! Sometimes I am good and do lite vinaigrette and such! I am getting hungry just writing this! I wish I could do better, but have you ever noticed that it costs more to eat fresh fruits and veggies than it does to just eat JUNK? Which is really sad!  You can go and get a fast food meal for cheaper than you could buy the good stuff, and I am almost sure that is why we have the problems with a lot of the health concerns in this country! There are so many of them I can't even begin to name all of them, but you can find a list of them here. The infographic below brings up some pretty interesting points to consider, like the fact that we eat over 85 lbs of oil and fat in a year..Ugh, doesn't it sound ...

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Cleaning out Dvd’s

Most of you all know I am currently into cleaning out all the various JUNK in my house! I think I really do spend too much time in this house!  Anyways I have been working on my extra bedroom so I can move some stuff around and make it more pretty so it can be used as an office as you all know!  I also plan to work on the rest of the house at some point as well. I did pretty well with cleaning out my clothes when David was off in July during the holidays! I still have some winter ones to go through. Another area that has been on my mind since we got the new tv and the apple tv for upstairs is my DVD & Book closet! It is a total mess and it is overflowing mostly with the DVD's because I don't have room for many books and they are all at my parents house! I know I have tons of my books on the kindle, but I do like actual books and don't plan to ever get rid of any no matter what! I always have this idea that one day I can have a library like Belle on Beauty and the ...

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