Cleaning out Dvd’s


Most of you all know I am currently into cleaning out all the various JUNK in my house! I think I really do spend too much time in this house!  Anyways I have been working on my extra bedroom so I can move some stuff around and make it more pretty so it can be used as an office as you all know!  I also plan to work on the rest of the house at some point as well. I did pretty well with cleaning out my clothes when David was off in July during the holidays! I still have some winter ones to go through.

Another area that has been on my mind since we got the new tv and the apple tv for upstairs is my DVD & Book closet! It is a total mess and it is overflowing mostly with the DVD’s because I don’t have room for many books and they are all at my parents house! I know I have tons of my books on the kindle, but I do like actual books and don’t plan to ever get rid of any no matter what! I always have this idea that one day I can have a library like Belle on Beauty and the Beast!

However, this did make me think about all those DVD’s!  I am honest when I say I rarely go up there and pull out a DVD to watch! Why? well because we have our google tv /blue ray player , the Wii U and now the Apple Tv! (And some where a Roku that is on the fritz!) Also we can use our computers and the Ipad to watch pretty much anything we want to watch. I mean you have Hulu, Netflix and a Million other streaming services and you can even buy shows to watch straight from amazon and itunes!

There aren’t many things that I have on DVD that I can’t find on one of these devices and services! I know that even youtube has lots of full length shows that we have been watching including Little House and Sunset Beach! So I don’t know why I am really holding on to some of these, I think it is time to have a DVD sale!

I know that David and I both have pretty much went digital on our music and gotten rid of CD’s thanks to ipods..and we have back ups, and I am thinking it is time to do the same with the DVD’s. I could use the space and some extra spending money to boot!

There are a few TV shows that I wouldn’t get rid of that I collect on DVD just in case we are somewhere with no Internet and want to watch TV(My grandparents, David’s parents, etc) or if we didn’t have internet for some reason at home (it has happened before!)  These would include my Pretty Little Liars , Gossip Girl, House MD, etc. However , all these movies I have that are forever and a day old I am not watching anyways. I even have MOVIES still in the shrink wrap! Really important there lol.

Ahh. I just love the inspired feeling of cleaning out stuff, and possibly making money with it! It is a good feeling!