SEO Infographic: Because showing up in search engines is important!

  When you have a blog, one of the most important things that you have to do, is make sure that your site is Search Engine Optimized(SEO).  I mean, if you have a website you want to make sure when people search for you on the search engines you show up, or else you are going to loose out! I know from experience that I wasn't showing up on google for a long time, and it probably has had some negative effects on my site! The odds are really low that someone will ever come to your site by searching if you don't show up in the first page of results. It is possible but the deeper they have to dig to find you, the less chance you have of having them come to your site. SEO can be as simple as using the right keywords in linking to different things in your blog posts, and creating good content!  Doesn't that sound easy enough? Why go through the hard work of having an amazing and awesome and maybe even pretty site if no one will see it, or even more, maybe people are seeing it, … [Read more...]

Google Reader being Replaced with RSS

I am an old school blogger, Which I know I mentioned before! I also have mentioned that I learn something new almost every day especially thanks to my girls at be-society! When I go around to visit a website, I pretty much just click a link in my favorites, or in my minions section or what not. Well, what I have learned is there is something called google reader (even though I am told that it is going away! It was similar to RSS which I have used before, but not very regularly! I know when it comes to google there are a million and one things that I am not familliar with and have never heard of! I am having to update my old school ways and learn about the new tricks of the trade so to speak. A friend of mine described google reader to me as Triberr, in the since that you have a feed to go to, but you can read everything right there all in one place. Also, it has been described to me as web based and now browsers have the capabilities to do the same thing. Kind of like you use … [Read more...]

It is getting time to think of Holiday Decorations!

Not only is it almost my favorite time of the year, the fall, but that means it is getting closer and closer to the winter Holiday's! In my case that means Christmas! I also didn't celebrate Christmas from the time I was 2 years old until I was in 6th grade (long story short= my religion was close to Jewish so we didn't do Christmas!) Anyways, Christmas has always enchanted me since even before I got to really celebrate it! I think that my favorite part of all isn't even the presents, but I think it would be a tossup between being with the family and of course the Holiday Decorations! There are so many different options! I know each year I try to go with different colors/themes. I know one year we went blue & silver and white (that was the first year we were married!) One year we did reds and greens, and My dream is to go with purple and pink and maybe a liter shade of blue one year! I love my tree because we got it the day I had one of my cervical cancer procedures. It is a … [Read more...]

A awesome way to save money? Rent Your College Books!

If you don't know anything about me, I at least hope you know how into saving money by using coupons, going to discount bargain grocery stores, buying this on sale, and I have a love affair with thriftshops and even a yardsale when I can find a good one. One of the most expensive times in my life (other than now lol), is when I was going to college! I know that at one point not only was I away and out on my own, but I was having to live off campus which was even more hard for my parents to swing. The awesome thing was that one of the only schools that RENTS their textbooks out for a semester is Appalachian State University. I always thought that was one of the neatest concepts, and I liked it even more than trying to stalk the internet and look for used text books! I actually did find somewhere to rent a couple of my books later on, but it wasn't as easy to find those places as it can be now a days! Enter Campus Book Rentals! They have a very huge stock of available ! A few of … [Read more...]

Essential Makeup Brushes That Every Cosmetic Artist Uses


This is a sponsored guest post Ever wonder how make-up artists are able to make model’s skin look absolutely perfect?  Every stylist knows that cosmetic brushes are an essential item when it comes to applying facial products.  Investing in quality brushes that are made from high grade fibers is crucial in creating a flawless finish.  You can create a smooth finish by adding these cosmetic brushes to your daily routine. Foundation Brush The bristles of the foundation brush are tightly packed, allowing you to achieve a flawless finish.  They often have a tapered tip to make liquid application easier.  First, dampen the brush in warm water and squeeze out the excess.  This will enable you to distribute the foundation evenly.  You can also use a wedge sponge to blend any strokes you have along the way.  The result is an almost airbrushed quality that looks amazing. Concealer Brush This flat, soft bristled brush has a pointed tip and a wider base.  Simply load the brush with … [Read more...]

Mothers Day Infographic

Mother's day will be here on Sunday!! I can't believe it is already that time of the year already! I have an amazing mom, and a lot of times if it hadn't been for her David & I wouldn't have made it through. She has helped me with so many things in my life, and I am lucky to have always had a close relationship with her. It might be since they told her that she couldn't have kids and then she did, kind of making me the miracle child but I can't deny that there is something special there. People make fun of me for calling her multiple times a day, but I don't care! I also was lucky enough to have an AWESOME great grandma, who passed away 3 years ago (speaking of time wow, I can't believe it has been that long) I was very lucky to have her for 26 years. I also have an awesome grandmother who is always there for me as well. I hope to one day be a mommy myself, hopefully sooner than later. With these ladies in my life i'm sure I'll do a great job when the time comes! Via: … [Read more...]