Coupon Chief Website Review


Most of you know my mom is a really good coupon user person! Me, not so much.....not because I don't want to but because it's something that I haven't really had a chance to get into just yet! Also, my brain doesn't work in those types of scenarios all that  great lol. I really do hope to get more into it sooner than later. I got to go couponing with my mom last week and we did really well kind of gets me encouraged! I always like to browse around online though to find deals and codes and such to use just on different things online! Recently I came upon a new site Coupon Chief, that found to be quite nifty. I know that I have came upon a lot of coupon code sites that really and truly just suck!  They have codes that are so random and don't fit and are expired and on and on ..i'm sure i'm not the only one ..everyone has probably encountered that! Coupon Chief  Coupon codes are pretty well organized , they have featured coupons, featured stores, new coupons and so forth and … [Read more...] Deal


  As you know every now and again when I find a good deal I'll take a minute and post it here! Actually when I gave out my business cards at Reviewers Retreat last year I had written "deals, freebies and more" on them. It's just something I haven't really gotten into just yet...Just an idea of something I might get into more in the future. Then again I have disillusions that I could get into doing a coupon blog to. ... Anyways, this deal for came my way, and well David and I are always eating out because I hate trying to come up with meals most of the time! So I thought this might be something that my readers would be interested in checking out. I mean $4 for $25 worth of food? sounds like my kind of deal! Just click the image to go to the site to get the deal! This deal will start on March 13 and run through the 15th, so be sure to head over and check it out! This post was a sponsored post written on behalf of and I received a gift … [Read more...]

CPR Certification Online!

I remember when I started 9th grade and got to high school, I found out that we would get CPR certification when we took gym class! I thought it was pretty cool, and was really excited about the chance that I could possibly save someones life one day! I hate the only thing that I can remember is the way the alcohol from the alcohol wipes on the dummies that we used tasted (not good!) I hate to admit that I never even considered renewing my certification, and I had totally forgotten even the tiniest details about things that CPR can help with other than choking! I found a site CPR Certification Online, and it refreshed my memory on a lot of things! I also found it pretty awesome to find out that you can get certified in CPR online! I guess I really shouldn't be surprised, you can do so many things online now a days! To me some of the scariest things about not knowing CPR are things that are mentioned on the site especially the fact that your brain only makes it up to 6 … [Read more...]

Teaching is my true passion

I remember ever since I was a little girl growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher! I even had teachers that would let me have their extra copies of worksheets and things so that I could play school with! I even remember getting really excited about getting a file cabinet to put them in for my birthday one year! I always have flocked to the things that make teachers excited like cute notepads and pens and pencils and what not as well! I remember how bored I got in college taking the basic 2 year stuff before i transfered to Appalachian! I even remember how boring some of the classes there were, and then we started to get to go observe kids and even teach them lessons in different classes, and then it all seemed like it was going to be worth it! I really have always hated that I never got to finish that degree!  I tried to come up with something else to get into when I had to come back home .My mom had to quit her  job because of her feet,  so I tried to find something else … [Read more...]

Nightgown overhaul needed!

I don't browse a lot of sites online as far as for shopping purposes. I mean, it's just best that way when you don't have a lot of money you know? One site that I window shop at quite regularly is Eden Fantasys, because well.. they are so generous to the bloggers out there! I decided a few weeks back that my nightgown collection is seriously needing some attention!  I know I said that before but really? It needs a makeover like yesterday!  I am down to wearing like the same 2 or 3 when I do decide to wear one! I always wanted to be "fancy" I suppose and wear a nightgown like everynight but most of the time I just put on a t-shirt or something of the sorts. Some times I get into the habit and wear nighties for a while, but most of the time not. Maybe if I had some new ones I could get on board and feel fancy huh? Eden Fantasys has a nice collection of nightgowns , but a lot of the ones that I really like are sold out right now! Not to worry I'm a patient person and I will be … [Read more...]

Save money, ANYWHERE an EVERYWHERE that you can!

So Many of you know, well at least if you have read my blog for any length of time, that David and I are some old 20 something married people who are poor! I say that jokingly, because honestly we have everything we want, we pay our bills, and then when we have a little bit of money left over...well we spend it on whatever our hearts desire! David and I are more internet freaks and phone technology type people than anything else. At one point we did have dial up and even the home phone that went along with it. We didn't have TV for the first 3 years we were married and at one point we were tethering the android phone we had to the computer for internet (5GB For the win! lol.. it worked even though we couldn't stream) We did get satellite when we lived down the road but when we moved back over here, it just got to where it was seriously better for us not to have it. Not to worry! As long as I have the interwebz, It's all good in the neighborhood! I know that we haven't been the … [Read more...]