Save money, ANYWHERE an EVERYWHERE that you can!

So Many of you know, well at least if you have read my blog for any length of time, that David and I are some old 20 something married people who are poor! I say that jokingly, because honestly we have everything we want, we pay our bills, and then when we have a little bit of money left over…well we spend it on whatever our hearts desire!

David and I are more internet freaks and phone technology type people than anything else. At one point we did have dial up and even the home phone that went along with it. We didn’t have TV for the first 3 years we were married and at one point we were tethering the android phone we had to the computer for internet (5GB For the win! lol.. it worked even though we couldn’t stream)

We did get satellite when we lived down the road but when we moved back over here, it just got to where it was seriously better for us not to have it. Not to worry! As long as I have the interwebz, It’s all good in the neighborhood!

I know that we haven’t been the only people who simply cannot afford the luxury of having cable, satellite, and even a fancy phone plan. Our cell phones might be smart phones but we don’t have a text plan and only a 200mb web plan! I also know the importance of shopping around so that you can find out deals that are going on so that you can afford these things!

I recently found a site called connect your home, which puts all of the providers in your area and their best deals  all in one spot so you can find out these types of things! All you have to do is put in your zip code/address to get started.

Say you are trying to Find Cable Tv Service in a new area that you moved to and you don’t know where to start? They can tell you who is in your area and everything that you need to know!

Or Maybe you are like me, a blogger with a separation anxiety when you are away form your computer/smartphone (Seriously I do admit to going 3 months without having a computer in the house let alone internet when david and I were first married) We went to the library for 1hr a day. Ah. That was fun! NOT!! Then you’d def. want to check into something like Dish Network High Speed Internet!

There are lots of options to explore, and I love the idea of saving money, having everything in one place, and being able to shop around so to speak! Plus, you can find out that there are services and maybe even companies in your area you didn’t know about! So if you are in the market for anything that connects your home, I would suggest you go take a look at this site!

This post was a sponsored post on behalf of Connect My Home. All Opinions,Ideas and Thoughts stated are honest and my own. Your Results may vary!