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It probably isn't a secret that my favorite reviews to do are those that relate to food and then those ones that are when you put the two together well- it is like a match made in heaven for me!  I guess I have just always been a person that likes to be unique which if you know me- I always have my own style and my own flair for things and I don't like following the pack so to speak! Oh and you know I am always looking for new ideas for meals and especially quick and easy ones - especially in the summer! Flowers are Such a Common Gift (Especially for funerals) Meal Gifts is an company that has one of the most unique approaches to gift giving that I have seen- which is food- which I know at first doesn't seem like it is all that unique but stay with me, and I will try to paint you a little picture. Think about one of the most common things that people give for a gift- for me the first thing that comes to mind are flowers- especially when someone dies. I haven't been to … [Read more...]

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When I was a little girl I didn't get to go to sleep away camp or day camp, and I am not really sure why. I would say it was because of the way I was brought up and the church I attended - but our church actually had a camp but I think it was really far away. I did get to stay with my grandparents in the summer and on a few other breaks over the years,but I think I might have actually enjoyed getting to go to a sleep away camp at some point when I think about it in retrospect- which probably has to do with watching the parent trap so much as a child! So when I found out that there was this app that helps with all the things that your child goes away to camp and even goes as far as helping with the labeling and even sending the items to the camp if that is allowed- well I know that a lot of you all who read the blog have kids and this might be something you would be interested in, so I had to share! Oh and well of course I was happy about it because perhaps one day I will have a … [Read more...]

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I have never been a girl who was big on wearing makeup, though I have always had some sort of collection! My great grandfather actually  used to have this saying about "a little bit of powder and a little bit of paint , make many a girl what she ain't". I could probably name all the times that I actually wore make up on one hand. I mean I am not talking about concealer or lip gloss- I actually wear that quite often- I am talking about eye shadow and blush and mascara. I guess I just for the most part have always preferred a natural approach for my look! Even though I did at one point buy like 3 huge make up kits and was determined to learn how to put it on and all of that- I guess even though I am "old" I like to play dress up still. Speaking on that getting "old" note- I pretty much feel like for the most part that I still look pretty young. I have always looked considerably younger than what I am I remember being about 18 and having a girl bring me a kids menu and crayons when I … [Read more...]

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As you all probably know - if you have read the blog for any length of time- I have as of yet, only been blessed enough to have fur babies and not human babies- that is why my blog tag line became "ramblings of a southern "mama wannabe" blogger".  I have at various points wrote that I am not really sure what the issue is, or that there even is one- I truly believe that it just hasn't happened yet, but with me getting older I think it might be time to get a little more serious about trying to figure out why/doing better with tracking things and all of that. I know that I have took a test that is similar to a pregnancy test a couple of times that tells you if you should be able to get pregnant and it always comes back positive so that is encouraging. Of course, I did have cervical cancer and HPV when David and I first got married but the last time I went to a DR about that everything was more than clear and they said there shouldn't be a problem on my end with getting pregnant. Of … [Read more...]

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I admit to sometimes getting really interested in those As seen on Tv type things. Not always, but it seems like every now and again I see what that I think is really a neat concept and that I can't get out of my head - and sometimes that leads to me getting the item later on maybe if I see it at wal-mart or the drug store or something like that. A while back I saw an ad for the Clever Cutter on facebook- I don't hardly ever watch tv except for streaming so sometimes I am a little bit late to the party unless I do happen to have someone tell me about it or it pop up on facebook. Anyways, I thought wow I be that thing would be cool to have- especially for some one like me who absolutely is terrified of knives! I truly am- always have been and not a reason in the world do we know why! I have only ever been cut by a knife ONE time and that was maybe 3 years ago and I was cutting something and nicked myself! So needless to say when I got in touch with a girl who said she could … [Read more...]

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One thing I have never really been able to do is paint my own nails! It goes in with that whole random quirk thing with coordination that I seem to have. It isn't that noticeable- just certain random simple things I can't seem to do like everyone else- and I have done way better with it since I am older - and usually the only people who know are like my mom, my grandma and David. Other than painting my nails at this point, I can't even think of anything else off the top of my head if that helps lol. I also used to tell my mom that nail polish made my nails feel "heavy" I don't know why- I told you I am a quirky little thing lol I have however worn nail polish at different points obviously, and I have even painted my little cousins nails before - I think it really comes into play that I don't really do my own because I am uncoordinated like made when it comes to my left hand and being able to paint the right one - if that makes sense? Yeah.. lol Anyways, me and nail painting isn't … [Read more...]