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I know I sure have wrote about my hair a lot lately on the blog- but then again, when you go back it seems to be always a subject that I have a lot to say about! I was never interested in DOING hair like my mother was or anything like that - heck honestly I had my mom do my hair like ALL the time well into when I was in college - I know that is weird but I never really could do that much with it and she could do braids and twists and all that kind of thing- plus I was always so stretched on time in the mornings ! Basically if I wanted it to look like something other than pulled straight back and slicked- well I needed help!  Shoot, I still don't do much different!  At least I can straighten it a little better than I used to, and then I can wear it clipped up, down or pulled up so.. I still don't have much variety but.. I am better off at it than I used to be! Just in case you have missed it I have naturally evil.. i mean naturally curly hair that you pretty much have to threaten to … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Meowijuana for cats that need the weed #review #ad #sponsored #meowijuana


I am the kind of person that when I do reviews, I generally have someone else in mind other than myself that can use them- even though I do tend to do most of the reviews on things that are specifically for me.. sometimes I keep things a while and then pass them along and sometimes I keep them for well . .ever! I love to review things for my fur babes, but most everything turns out to be for Marley when it comes to that sort of thing- I guess because she is a dog and there just seems to be more goodies out there for dogs!  Every now and again though, I get to review something for Sam (the orange evil in a fur cat of mine), and that really makes me happy when it works out that way! One thing that we quickly learned when we first got Sam, was that he LOVES cat nip. I mean LOVES.  When we had Shadow, I don't think that he really cared anything in the world about it, but Sam takes great delight when it comes to it!  When we lived at our old apartment, our neighbors mom actually brought … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Rimmel London & Sally Hansen Makeup #review #sponsored #Ad


So when it has always came to makeup - it is something I love to mess around with every now and again, and I am not really a person that wears it every day or anything like that- Then again,  I do stay at home most of my days :) but I do like to play with it and wear it when the mood strikes. Lately, that mood seems to be striking me more than usual- I don't know it does seem like it can perk up a drab day and make me be in a little bit better mood just to put on some mascara or lip stick or something like that- I am sure a lot of people feel that way. One thing though, is that I have cleaned out a lot of the older make up that I have had over time (because I guess they say make up is like food - it has use by dates and all that- but I don't really pay it all that much attention- especially with the make up so much-) Anyways, I went on a big clean out in the bathroom spree a while back and what little bit I had left I pretty much got rid of! My mom has been getting me a little … [Read more...]

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my planner

this post contains a tracking link that will track when you click it for my sponsor, but it doesn't give me any incentives or rewards if you do click it. I think it is the teacher girl deep inside of me, but I have just always had this thing for anything related to school supplies, office supplies,etc. I actually got a file cabinet for like my 7th birthday because my best friend and I were always playing school and we actually even had a teacher that would give us her extra copies of her work sheets! I have always had a vast collection of notepads, pens, markers, and all of that good stuff. I even had a chalk holder, and one of those slide grading scales back in the day. I think we probably played school more than we played house or restaurant (and I even had guest check and a kitchen center ya'll). I even started having planners REALLY early on. I think the first one I had was in 4th grade and I really just used it to keep up with peoples birthdays, phone numbers, and such. … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: The Sleep Styler #ad #sponsored #review #thesleepstyler


I always say I have been known for my hair, more than anything else in life!  When I was in elementary school I had VERY long hair and of course it was naturally curly and just a hot mess honestly! It was actually long enough I could sit on it!  Of course, I was a child of the late 8o's and early 90's with a hair stylist mother who had no one else to experiment on as well so.. I had some crazy looks,lets just say! Luckily I was young, didn't really care too horribly much and I grew up before social media and digital images were a thing (though, there is some evidence in random pics and school pics/yearbooks). My hair has been used to identify me in a crowd at more than one event, including my high school graduation- and that wasn't really my choice because I had every intention to use hot rollers to tame it, but my grandma unplugged my rollers for some reason and I had to just wear it natural and hope and pray that it would behave! Ever since I was out of high school I have … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide Review: Hard Candy Fragrances Pink & Black #ad #sponsored #review #hardcandy


You all know how I have a reputation of being a picky person? Well- I do not know where this comes from, lol- Eh I know I am a picky eater according to some (hello allergies, religious preferences from when I was younger, and then everyone has things that they don't like!) I guess there are other things that I am picky about as well, but one thing in particular are scents, especially when it comes to body products! I think a lot of people are like that though- generally I won't even try anything new, and I don't like scents in lotions at all, even if it matches whatever body spray I am using! I had the chance though, to try out Hard Candy fragrances, and I can remember always seeing the ads for Hard Candy  when I was younger and always wanting something of theirs but for some reason never had anything of theirs(Crazy right?) I figured they would be worth a try! I didn't even realize that they were exclusively sold at Walmart so it is is even more crazy that I haven't ended up with … [Read more...]